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Watch > Episode > Professor Michael Levitt - How COVID-19 Panic From The Government Destroyed Millions Of Lives

Professor Michael Levitt - How COVID-19 Panic From The Government Destroyed Millions Of Lives


2013 Nobel Prize Winner

First Broadcast: June 9, 2020

Professor Michael Levitt is a Nobel Prize-winning biophysicist who has conducted pioneering work on the molecular structure of essential biological compounds. He has made many significant contributions to the study of protein folding and helped to popularise the use of computer modelling in biology.

Amongst the foremost of Michael’s numerous scientific achievements is his development of the first computerised model of an enzyme reaction, which was subsequently expanded to simulate more generalised protein dynamics. He has also carried out important research on the modelling of antibodies as well as DNA and messenger RNA — work that has informed practical advances in biomedical science.

Michael has received many honours and awards for his research, including the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry and the 2014 DeLano Award for Computational Biosciences. A member of the US National Academy of Sciences, since 1987 he has been a Professor of Structural Biology at Stanford University.

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  1. How Can We Estimate The Total Number Of Deaths?
  2. What Does The Lack Of Geometric Progression Tell Us About Covid 19?
  3. What Is The Marginal Gain Of Keeping An 80 Year Old Alive For One More Year?
  4. Where is all the funding going to justify the lockdown?
  5. Will there be another pandemic?
  6. What it’s like to win a Nobel Peace Prize and how it influences my life today.
  7. How does Pharma win the virus?
  8. From whatever background we come from, we must remain diverse.


00:00 | Trailer.
00:58 | Brian’s introduction.
02:27 | When everyone else was terrified Professor Levitt declared we would be fine.
04:45 | A scientist dealing with the media and their agendas.
06:45 | The R number is very difficult to calculate; how Professor Levitt calculated the number of deaths.
10:44 | Why lockdown doesn’t really work.
13:21 | Huge death rate difference in New York to that in Europe.
19:45 | Young people’s future and economic outlook should not be sacrificed to save the Baby boomers.
24:99 | Professor Levitt considers why so much attention and emotion is focussed on Covid-19,
28:35 | The economic and social sacrifice of lockdown is not worth it.
32:07 | We need to smarten up, get less focussed on likes on social media, more about real life.
34:56 | Global warming is really worrying, it is a crisis coming and will be really tough.
35:46 | Did lockdown become the virus, or a global psychosis?
39:26 | His controversial views have taught him a lot about his fellow man.
42:16 | His view on the prospect for Brazil.
44:48 | Professor Levitt’s opinion of a vaccine for Covid-19.
53:55 | What it is like to become a Nobel prize winner.
59:21 | The suppression of information at a time when people’s minds need to be open for discussion.
1:02:33 | Covid-19 deaths often from bacterial infection: why pharmaceutical companies are not developing antibacterial drugs.
1:06:28 | How Professor Levitt’s multi-cultural background has influenced his globalist outlook.
1:11:36 | Don’t seek out people who are like you but those who are not, because that’s the interesting part.
1:13:12 | Description of Tel Aviv.
1:15:01 | Brian’s summing up.


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