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Nic Krauser - Don't Hate The Player


Pick-up Artist Nic Krauser joins us to talk about his journey from divorce to mastering ‘Game’ with women, how men are attracted to beauty and women are attracted to confidence, why ‘Game’ can help a man in a relationship, how women are honest to their emotions in the moment, and why pick-up routines can be a substitute to addressing one’s inner demons.


“I used to identify myself as a Pick-up Artist, and by that I mean I made it my identity to go out and pick up women who I didn’t know and have sex with them.” – Nic K (00:48
“I’ve internalised the toolbox used by Pick-Up Artists as in ‘Game’.” – Nic K (01:08)

“This is weird to normal guys.” – Nic K (03:58)

“The idea that you could just walk up to a girl in the street and 10 minutes later walk off with her to a coffee shop.” – Nic K (04:01)

“Because I agree that 99% of guys wouldn’t do what we’ve just done which is to walk up to random girls on the street.” – Brian (04:39)

“The alpha male is characterised by social dominance, he’s maybe 1% of the male population.” – Nic K (06:35)

“That does not make a girl’s pussy tingle.” – Nic K (08:19)

“I see a girl with a nice hourglass figure it flicks the same switches in me.” – Nic G (09:15)

“Men are attracted to beauty and women are attracted to confidence.” – Brian (09:30)

“We live in a feminocentric world where the female view is taken as being normal and male interests are taken as being not normal.” – Nic K (12:04)

“Do you hate women?” – Nic G. “No, of course not but I don’t give women any special advantage for having a vagina.” – Nic K (13:22)

“A misogynist is a man who hates women as much as they hate each other.” – Nic K (14:32)

“So ‘Game’ can help relationships?” – Brian (17:03)

“Women can live in a world of unicorns and rainbows and there will still be a line of men around the block waiting to fuck them if they’re hot.” – Nic K (20:18)

“By looking for easy answers like routines and lines you never really address your demons.” – Nic K (22:15)

“The fundamental basis of attraction is you are more invested in your opinion of yourself than other people’s opinion of you.” – Nic K (25:09)

“Women are honest to their emotions, they are honest to the emotions they feel at the moment.” – Nic K (27:08)

“Most of the guys in the seduction community are not getting laid.” – Nic K (33:51)

“How many women have you had sex with because of ‘Game’? – Brian (40:01)

“Men create these buffers around themselves to avoid rejection.” – Nic K (42:16)

“Your identity can be a project and you can plan your identity.” – Nic K (45:50)
You don’t get young beautiful feminists, they don’t exist.” – Nic K (57:15


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