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Myles Dyer - Saving The Human Race


Myles Dyer, a British social entrepreneur, content creator, and mental health advocate, has become a guiding force in leveraging digital platforms for positive social impact. With a commitment to fostering empathy, mental well-being, and social change, Dyer’s journey epitomises the transformative power of online spaces. In this episode of London Real, Myles joins host Brian Rose in studio to discuss his annual 24-hour live non-stop charity webcam chat for UNICEF, his recent lecture at Zeitgeist Day in London, his keen belief in the resource-based economy and why his Universal Solutions Project will empower and educate others to make true global change.

Born on November 8, 1988, in London, Myles Dyer began his journey in the digital realm during the early days of YouTube. Inspired by the potential of online platforms to connect with a global audience, he started creating content that ranged from vlogs and discussions to social commentary. Dyer’s early videos resonated with viewers, setting the stage for a multifaceted career at the intersection of digital media and social impact.

Myles Dyer’s dedication to fostering empathy is evident in his content, which often delves into social issues, mental health, and personal experiences. He engages with his audience on a personal level, sharing stories that encourage open conversations about topics that might be considered challenging or stigmatised.

One of Dyer’s notable initiatives is the “Empathy Test,” where he encourages individuals to step into the shoes of others, promoting understanding and compassion. This approach underscores his belief in the power of empathy as a catalyst for positive change, both online and offline.

Myles Dyer has been a vocal advocate for mental health awareness and destigmatisation. Drawing from his own experiences, he shares insights into the challenges individuals face and provides a platform for open discussions around mental well-being. Through candid videos, interviews, and collaborations with mental health professionals, Dyer works to dismantle stereotypes and create an environment of support and understanding.

In addition to raising awareness, Dyer actively engages with mental health organisations, contributing to campaigns and initiatives that aim to provide resources and assistance to those in need. His advocacy extends beyond the digital space, as he actively participates in events and discussions focused on improving mental health services and reducing the stigma associated with mental health issues.

Myles Dyer’s digital presence extends to educational content and thought leadership, where he shares insights on personal development, critical thinking, and navigating the complexities of the digital age. His videos cover a range of topics, from media literacy and social responsibility to the impact of technology on society.

By providing thoughtful and thought-provoking content, Dyer empowers his audience to navigate the digital landscape with a sense of responsibility, encouraging them to critically assess information, engage in meaningful conversations, and contribute positively to online communities.

Myles Dyer’s journey in the digital space stands as a testament to the transformative potential of online platforms for fostering empathy, raising awareness, and driving social impact. Through his content creation, mental health advocacy, social entrepreneurship, and thought leadership, Dyer continues to shape a digital narrative that prioritises understanding, compassion, and positive change. As he navigates the evolving landscape of online media, Myles Dyer remains a beacon for those seeking to harness the power of digital platforms for meaningful and empathetic storytelling.


“He’s got the coolest rings I’ve ever seen.” – Brian (00:52)

“I haven’t punched anyone.” – Myles (01:03)

“I organised the first ever UK YouTube gathering.” – Myles(02:06)

“So YouTube changed your life?” – Brian (02:21)

“Why am I using my film script as a vehicle for my ideas when I can just speak on camera?” – Myles (03:24)

“I’ve become a lot more serious the past two years.” – Myles (04:12)

“The internet is cutting out the middleman across all industries.” – Myles (06:19)

“With KONY people became aware and then they educated themselves and realised it’s a very complicated issue.” – Myles (07:27)

“Charity is a form of apathy.” – Myles (07:42)

“I could name you two technologies which could eradicate most famine in the world.” – Myles (08:52)

“Not a lot of people say what can I do to give back.” – Brian (09:54)

“I had maybe 4 mouthfuls of food in 24 hours.” – Myles (11:32)

“If you prove I’m wrong I can now develop as an individual.” – Myles (14:40)

“You must be working 24 hours a day.” – Brian (17:20)

“The very word ‘Secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society.” – Nic (23:11)

“Do people come up to you and say ‘Myles what can I do?'” – Brian (28:44)

“I looked at the Venus Project which is run by a man called Jacques Fresco.” – Myles (29:19)

“The first stage is to create an online database of information, the second is to enable audience acquisition, and the third is to create tools for spreading awareness.” – Myles (31:29)

“It’s almost like the innovator’s dilemma, you need someone else to come along to get to the next level.” – Brian (35:26)

“You say ‘Excuse me, what matters to you?'” – Myles (37:47)

“Didn’t you do this at Supercamp?” – Nic (39:58)

“I said he has the potential to be so much more.” – Myles (42:10)

“You are challenging everything aren’t you?” – Brian (45:45)

“I’d rather play Myles’ game.” – Nic (51:35)
“The scary truth is we have about 30 or 40 years to turn this world around.” – Myles (54:43


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