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Mimi Ikonn – Dreamers & Creators

If you are an entrepreneur struggling to remember why you ever embarked on your business journey, Mimi Ikonn has a story you need to hear. A generous and sincere person, Mimi practices what she preaches, which sets a great example for anyone feeling demotivated. She is the living example of how anyone can overcome their obstacles and turn a simple concept into a major success story.

The Mimi Ikonn Bio

Born in Azerbaijan, Mimi is now successful enough to live wherever she wants — she currently resides in London. Although she never felt strong ties to her homeland and always wanted to travel, she had never even boarded a plane until she moved to Toronto with nothing at the age of 16.

Mimi experienced difficult times being an immigrant, especially being different from everyone else. However, overcoming all the challenges that hit her taught Mimi how to face hardships for the rest of her life. This was key in for her in learning how to maintain a positive attitude in everything she does.

The experiences in Mimi’s life also contributed to her interest in fashion. Accepting that she was different from those around her, rather than try to change, she embraced her differences. For one thing, in Canada, people tend to dress more casually than in Azerbaijan, which compelled Mimi to dress up and stand out.

Mimi Ikonn: The Entrepreneur

The next chapter in the Mimi Ikonn bio is her education. At first, Mimi believed it would be best to gain an international business degree, but she soon discovered there were better options that would allow her to enter the business world. She switched focus to image consulting, taking a six-month course, and received her certification as an image consultant.

Straight after graduating, Mimi found what she thought was the perfect program to begin work. She applied — but was rejected three times. Instead of giving up and returning to the corporate world, Mimi realized a better solution was to fight for the opportunities she wanted. She used her time to better develop her business plan. This led to her big idea becoming reality — the Luxy Hair brand.

Luxy Hair

Mimi describes the creation of Luxy Hair as a fluke. She had purchased extensions for her wedding day, but the product she received looked terrible and unnatural. She and her husband realized they could create something much better themselves.

Together, the couple launched Luxy Hair five years ago. The brand is now worth millions. Mimi believes this is because she offers people what they want. A great product will sell itself.

Today, in addition to running Luxy Hair, Mimi is a fashion blogger and has more than 2.7 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. She posts videos about every aspect of her success lifestyle and ties many back to her brand.

Mimi Ikonn Interview

In Mimi Ikonn’s interview with Brian Rose, as well as through her YouTube videos, Mimi shares details about her success lifestyle. She talks about her meditation, how she stays positive, how she takes breaks from technology, and more. Mimi takes every aspect of her life seriously and gives a sense of purpose to everything she does, from her business to her personal beauty routine.

Mimi Ikonn’s story is an excellent lesson in practicing what you preach. Mimi still considers herself a global citizen today and aims to tear down borders with her message. As you will hear about in her interview, she has already achieved so much, but she is far from finished.

[0:08:20] Introduction. Baku Azerbaijan

[0:12:00] In America, everything is so comfortable.

[0:15:00] What would happen if you stayed?

[0:17:00] Accent.

[0:22:45] Being an immigrant and fitting in?

[0:26:00] First jobs.

[0:29:00] Alex Ikonn.

[0:29:30] At first I wasn’t cool someone Russian is going take away my customers.

[0:33:00] Gratefulness walks from Tony Robbins.

[0:35:00] Manifest gratitude before it has happened.

[0:36:00] Overcoming fear. Affirmations. Being grateful.

[0:37:40] Being proud of any job that you have done. Talking about failures.

[0:38:55] Appreciate the small things in order to get to the big things.

[0:39:08] I quit the bank and Alex got fired.

[0:39:00] If you want to be in business you didn’t need an international business degree.

[0:40:00] Education. Certification as a image consultant.

[0:41:20] Being persistent. No just means try again.

[0:42:00] If you want something, you have to be persistent.

[0:43:00] Vision.

[0:44:00] Daydreaming as kids.

[0:44:42] Lack of vision gets people stuck.

[0:45:50] Business is about – vision, not running out of money and hiring.

[0:46:40] Luxy hair story.

[0:50:30] James Altucher’s article.

[0:51:20] Provide value, and it will sell. Not selling.

[0:52:54] Differentiate ourselves.

[0:63:00] Crazy idea and desperate.

[0:54:20] 6 months to make it happen.

[0:54:55] Consistency of video. Quality, value, consistency, authenticity.

[0:56:00] QVCA. Quality – personal connection with audience. Value – learning and sharing. Consistency – creating value regularly creates trust. Authenticity – being real, getting out of your own head, resistance.

[1:01:45] Body language in the camera.

[1:02:40] Important to have a structure.

[1:04:55] Living the dream.

[1:05:30] Filling the void.

[1:06:07] Getting into depresssion.

[1:07:45] 98% extrovert. True extrovert learn from other people.

[1:08:50] Building a culture.

[1:09:45] Work. Internal dialogue.

[1:10:11] The need to share.

[1:11:10] Meditation.

[1:11:30] Feeling of owing it to other people.

[1:12:50] Eat really fast. Feeling like the food won’t be there if you don’t eat them.

[1:13:35] Depression is about worrying about the past. Anxiety is about worrying about the future.

[1:14:08] Vipassana Silent Meditation. Meditation is the hardest thing in the world. 10 days.

[1:15:53] No talking to others, no reading, no writing, no technology.

[1:20:50] Anxiety was gone.

[1:21:00] Going to Costa Rica after the course. How often do we travel into ourselves.

[1:23:30] Ayahuasca vs Vipassana

[1:23:50] Psychonauts go back to meditation.

[1:25:06] Using something sustainability makes the difference.

[1:27:00] I don’t like to do what is popular. Morning routine.

[1:28:00] Information diet.

[1:28:50] Different ways you could do it.

[1:29:30] If you are not fulfilled you can’t give. I love myself.

[1:30:00] How do you deal with the negative comments.

[1:35:30] Wherever you give your attention you will grow more.

[1:37:11] What’s it like being a celebrity.

[1:38:50] Gives me motivation to do better.

[1:41:06] I never use the word fans.

[1:41:38] Have you ever wanted to stop posting videos.

[1:42:25] Working on a relationship book.

[1:43:44] Not create too much attachment with anyone.

[1:44:00] Conscious about the friends.

[1:46:00] Love yourself. Anita Moorjani.

[1:46:55] Dreamers and Creators.

[1:48:30] 5 Minute Journal.

[1:49:26] Creating a product that is fulfilling yourself.

[1:51:40] Bring awareness to the day. You own the day. I’m healthy trusting brave and adventurous.

[1:54:30] Only power is the power over our attitude. Take the role of a victim or the student.

[1:55:35] Success secret.

[1:56:40] Sharing my travel experience.

[1:57:40] Advice to the 20 year old Mimi.

[1:59:40] Best advice you’ve ever received.

[2:01:00] Advice to the 20 year old.

[2:03:10] Having a family. How many cities do you visit a year.

[2:05:30] Fashion business. Empowering the youth.

[2:07:50] What is something people are surprised about Mimi Ikonn.

[2:09:20] I don’t want to be idolised.

Connect with Mimi Ikonn

Mimi Ikonn on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MimiIkonn

Mimi Ikonn on Instagram: https://instagram.com/mimiikonn/

Mimi Ikonn on Pinterest: https://uk.pinterest.com/mimiikonn/

Mimi Ikonn on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mimiikonn

Mimi Ikonn on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mimi-Ikonn-128696220663501/


Luxy Hair: http://www.luxyhair.com/

5 Minute Journal: http://www.fiveminutejournal.com/

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Sold out to the 1% then Brian? Ayahuasca will kick your @rse



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Anais Jimenez Gimenez

Such an inspiration! Great work guys

Monique Vee

You live in London, and you travel alot, so that is overwhelming for your body and mind. 1 day in the week as minimum, that both of you will do nothing, relax and be with yourself or with your dear friends

Nidia Orozco

such a grear interview, you really make them so intresting, thanks brian

Thomas Ackerman

another great interview!!! thanks Brian! Love listening to your videos at work.

Adriana Adu

love this girl

Ashini Savindya

Truly appreciate your courage and humbleness! If someone asked me who you want to be I’ll simply say I want to be someone like Mimi <3 being independent is the best thing ever can achieve by a girl..thanks sharing your amazing journey with us ! Means a lot and wishing u all the best in everything! Much love mimi

Marija Maravic

Dear Brian, I loooove your questions and your impeccable flow! I was watching this video without any break and you guys had my full attention all the time. The way you ask questions and the dynamics of interview was awesome! Everything was so real and so honest that I feel like going and making my first video 🙂 I love passion that both of you bring to the table and I feel so attracted to your energies. Thank you Brian and thank you Mimi for creating value once again! You both are such an inspiration! Amazing interview!

Faith Kioko

Loved it! very relatable.

Ola Samowola

Could anyone be so helpful and pick out what three books they were talking about? I woulrd be appreciate.

Dan Munteanu

I love the talk about instant gratification and how the monkey mind takes control if you’re not careful. Vipassana – definitely want to try it at some point in my life

Christina Gaskin

Wow this is a truly great interview! She is so genuinely authentic. I can see why she is so personable and successful. It is really nice to hear her talk about her struggle and how she got through that. I feel a lot of successful people are unwilling to be as transparent as she has been. –Much love and I look forward to following your success.

Mikael Henriksson

Holy inspiration Batman! What an amazing personality, she had me at hello…. After the Ayahuasca next weekend I am going to plan my next 10 day Vipassana retreat. She really sold me on a lot of her thoughts and ideas. Not the typical person I follow on the internet but she got me on both Instagram and youtube! No wonder they are successful in what they do if she can get a sceptic like me following her.

I wonder if it is possible that extroverts develop easier and faster because they talk to other people?

Dr. Aimée Kemp

I am so grateful for this interview, it was so ‘real’. I love Mimi’s attitude to life! I am booked onto my first 10-day vipassana course in a couple of months and I will use her comments to help give me strength during the dark moments. Thank you Brian and the LondonReal team xx

Mikael Henriksson
Keep in mind the benefits of following through during the moments of despair. Tell yourself (with inner voice) that your relationships will be better, you will be happier, make better choices for yourself, be more honest with yourself. The 10 days of Vipassana is the hardest thing I’ve done in my life but also the most rewarding. I was about to leave on day 3, 6 and 9. Two of those times the teacher asked me to stay. One of those times when I really had made up my mind a serving student got me in private. I didn’t tell… Read more »

Wow…great listen..very inspiring.

Tomasito Bumpski

Vimeo is horrible when you don’t have a fast internet connection. Please upload this to YouTube

Maria Victoria Amado

great interview!!1 Thank you!

Tina Peace

I am very grateful for this video because Mimi was an inspiration for me for a very long time and I enjoyed the new information a lot. Thank you!

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I think this is one of my favourite interviews yet! Mimi was so inspiring and her Q-V-C-A check is a great actionable tip.