Master the Art of Conversation

Master the Art of Conversation, Express Your Ideas and Become The Most Interesting Person in the Room

Module 1: Start Your Podcast

Find your first 1,000 true fans
Outsmart your Competition
Choose your first 10 guests

Module 2: Set up Your Studio

How to choose the right Space
Hardware 101: What equipment do I use?
Software 101: What programs do I use

Module 3: Book Your Guests

Basic and Advanced reach out methods
Exact word-for-word scripts and email templates
How to prepare for a successful interview

Module 4: How to be a Natural Speaker

How to make a first good impression
3 easy ways to guarantee a good conversation
How to effortlessly articulate your ideas

Module 5: Secrets to Engage your Guest

How to boost your guest’s enthusiasm
Questions that cause engaging responses
How to avoid conversation blunders

Module 6: Master the art of conversation

Join the top %1: How to be different than everyone else
How to open, lead and close a conversation
When nothing else works, do this

Module 7: Publish your first conversation

Minimalist Post-production: Edit in record speed
Organise an audio test-screening to your mini-audience
Publish on Itunes

Module 8: Launch your Podcast

How to attract and build a loyal fanbase
Track your success metrics and scale your podcast
Create your fail-proof blueprint for the next 12 months

Bonus Module: Turn your Podcast into a YouTube Show

Video Techniques: what they don’t teach you in film school
Hardware and Software 101
How to set up YouTube

Bonus Module: How to transform your podcast into a profitable business

The London Real Broadcast Blueprint
Monetizing Methods: How to turn listeners into customers
How to deal with haters