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Mark Manson - The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck

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00:00 | Trailer.
02:28 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
03:28 | Brian’s introduction.
04:01 | Visiting London on a world tour.
04:31 | Life changes since writing The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.
09:50 | Mark’s view on why the book is so popular.
15:09 | Buddhism and Texan upbringing influence on his work.
21:55 | Create better problems.
30:48 | Two hundred years ago we were living in a world of scarcity now we live in a world of abundance
37:33 | Social isolation and loneliness is the root cause of what we are experiencing now.
39:48 | Be careful what you hope for.
44:50 | Long form interviews give people an opportunity to feel human connection.
47:04 | Discerning what are your real values in life.
59:07 | Emotions are over-rated, we put too much emphasis on them.
1:00:07 | To become the person they want to become people have to overcome their fear.
1:06:21 | Why death ends The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck and starts second book Everything is F*cked.
1:13:10 | The most highlighted observation in his book.
1:17:21 | The two brains which don’t understand or speak to each other.
1:22:26 | Changing values produces a mourning period, being scared to become someone with new values.
1:28:57 | Our identities are an aggregation of our emotions and experiences over time.
1:34:54 | Newton’s three laws of emotion.
1:39:49 | What Mark hopes people will take from reading Everything is F*cked.
1:40:55 | Peoples feelings are now constantly being manipulated through the economy and technology.
1:44:05 | What it was like to publish the second book after the huge success of the first.
1:49:14 | Mark’s writing process and how to start writing.
1:55:15 | Mark’s daily habit.
1:56:56 | What is his superpower.
1:57:53 | What does he say to those who complain about the vulgarity in his books.
2:02:59 | Best and worst days of his life
2:08:41 | What scares Mark.
2:22:12 | What we would be surprised to learn about Mark Manson.
2:12:53 | What keeps him awake at night.
2:14:03 | The message of his latest book.
2:14:35 | Advice to the 20 years old Mark.
2:17:43 | Success secrets.
2:18:15 | Brian’s summing up.


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