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Win clients for your business. Earn promotions with ease. Inspire thousands from a stage.

Based on the Ted Talk that led to 277,625 views.
Plus, “insider secrets” from 6 years of interviewing
the most inspiring people on the planet.


You will not just passively watch content.
You will deliver real speeches on a weekly basis.

The only online accountability course for becoming
an inspirational speaker.

Me and my team of coaches will work closely
with you, turning you into a
world-class speaker using our Triple-Tiered
leave no man or woman behind
accountability protocol.

Limited-time only:

I will personally mentor you
for 6-weeks
and make you a powerful speaker people eagerly listen to -- even if you’re introverted or don’t think you have anything interesting to say.

- as seen on -
Govinda Romero

Trust me there is no other tribe out there with such a tremendous support and dedication to your success than Brian’s London Real.

Andreea Bordas

This program is not just about learning, it is more about TAKING ACTION and DOING STUFF.

Sonam Bligh

I was most impressed with the quality of people that Brian chose for the course - open to learning, being vulnerable and sharing ideas with each other.



Everything in the Speak to Inspire course and...

  • Pay In Full Bonus #1 Dan Pena at the Ritz
  • Pay In Full Bonus #2  Video Kickoff Call with Brian
  • Brian’s Private E-mail Address
  • Final Video Interview in the London Real Studio’s “leather Chair” with Brian
  • Access to Brains Inner Circle Group
  • Brian as your personal mentor for 6 months
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The 6-Week Program


The 6-week online accountability course for
becoming an inspirational speaker.


  • Pay In Full Bonus #1 Dan Pena at the Ritz
  • Pay In Full Bonus #2  Video Kickoff Call with Brian
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or 12 Payments of


  • Pay In Full Bonus #1 Dan Pena at the Ritz
  • Pay In Full Bonus #2  Video Kickoff Call with Brian
  • Pay In Full: Save $367

The Inner Circle


Everything in the Speak to Inspire course and...

  • Pay In Full Bonus #1 Dan Pena at the Ritz
  • Pay In Full Bonus #2  Video Kickoff Call with Brian
  • Brian’s Private E-mail Address
  • Final Video Interview in the London Real Studio’s “leather Chair” with Brian
  • Access to Brains Inner Circle Group
  • Brian as your personal mentor for 6 months
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If you have any questions or concerns about the course please contact us.

Lets Talk!


Do you ever look at charismatic speakers
like Tony Robbins and think:

I want to be like that!

You want to be the person who,
when you speak, everyone listens.
They lean in, nod along,
and hang off your every word.

When you’re done, people don’t just say

Great point!

they take action and do what you suggested.

Maybe you motivated an audience to finally
take charge of their life.
Or you persuaded your boss to do a project your way --
not the stupid way he was insisting, which you knew would be a disaster.
There are few skills as valuable as being an influential speaker. (And yes, it is a skill. Even Steve Jobs hired a public speaking coach.)
Unfortunately, few people ever develop it.

Without it, it’s easy for people to
ignore your ideas and even forget you.

You risk losing out on opportunities.
People who aren’t as talented as you rise faster through the ranks because they know how to use words and body language to inspire confidence and get their way.
Your ideas may be better, but you struggle to get them across because you’re “stuck in your head” and worried what people think of you. Or you’re so afraid to say the wrong thing that
you say nothing at all!
It’s frustrating. You know you could make a difference if only people would listen.

When you have this skill though,
the world opens up to you.

You can blow everyone away -- win clients, close deals,
or get your boss to see things your way.
You can rock the stage and spread your message. Touching thousands
of lives and creating real change with your words.
And you become the charismatic person people want to be around.
Because they can feel your passion and confidence when you speak.

The ability to capture attention
and inspire people to act gives you
a massive leg up in life.

So today, I’m revealing three secrets on how to become a confident, inspiring speaker immediately.
Then, you’ll see how you can master those secrets and more to become a world-class speaker
six weeks from today -- even if the thought of public speaking scares the heck out of you!
This won’t be up long
so if you’re interested, stay with me.
Before we get to
all that though, you may be wondering:

What do you know about inspiring people?”

How An Introverted Science Geek
Terrified of Public Speaking
Inspired 250,000+ in 16 Minutes

My name is Brian Rose, founder, and host of
London Real.
I have interviewed some of the most inspiring people in the world – including Simon Sinek, Gary Vaynerchuk, Wyclef Jean, and hundreds more...
In six years, London Real has been watched by over
50 million people around the world.
But there was one event that helped me spread my ideas more than all the interviews I’ve put out to date
(which is over 500 hours of material.)
It turned me from an overlooked and ignored
show host to someone who had top-level
people seeking me out.

Now if you think I just rolled out of bed and confidently gave that speech, you’re crazy.
I’m an introvert. Not a natural speaker.
For the first 40 years of my life, I gave zero talks. Thank god.
I’d feel bad for anyone who would have to sit through it.
But when I was asked to do a TED talk, I jumped at it.
It was the fastest way to spread my message.
And even if my talk bombed, the confidence I’d gained from presenting in front of a crowd
(which was the scariest thing I could imagine)
would make it worth it.
After all, if I could handle that, then things like giving a business presentation or starting a conversation with strangers
(those things terrified me too) would be a piece of cake.

It was a life skill worth having,
and rocket fuel for my career.

For full disclosure: Up until my speech I had spent tens of thousands on speaking coaches and courses.
They were helpful, but not ideal for the impact I wanted to have.
See, I didn’t want my speech to be interesting -- which is what most courses teach. I wanted it to be life-changing.

I’m talking about
the TED talk I gave in 2015.

The one that got 277,670 views, and comments like this:

I had a “secret weapon.”

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have some of
the best speakers on the planet on my show.
When they speak, people don’t just listen
they take action.
I sometimes ask them off camera what their secret is. It leads to a goldmine of insights.
They taught me some valuable lessons on how to be more influential.
Armed with these secrets, plus what I picked up from all that coaching,
I gave a talk I was proud of.
It’s been the single biggest catalyst
for my career.
Today, I want to share three of the most important
public speaking lessons I’ve learned with you.
So you can speak with confidence – on stage or in a boardroom –
and get people excited to take action on your ideas.
Whether you’re looking to win a promotion, land a client, or become a professional speaker,
this will help you transform into the persuasive speaker people can’t wait to hear from.

I now see the world with different, with more trained eyes. I will use this knowledge for the rest of my life.

Michael McFadden

3 “Insider Secrets” From
The World’s Most Inspiring Speakers

Secret #1:

Great speaking starts with great listening

When I was asked to do a TED talk, my first thought was:
But I knew from Simon Sinek and others that a great speech isn’t about the speaker -- it’s about the listener.
When you understand the hopes, fears, and struggles of the people you’re talking to, it doesn’t matter how “interesting” you are.
Stick to the topics that resonate with them and you set yourself up for success from the start.
For example, listening to others showed me how many people struggle to find their purpose. That’s why I made my talk about my own struggle in that area.
But that’s not all.

What could I possibly talk about?
I haven’t accomplished anything!

Before I went on stage, I walked around and spoke to everyone in the crowd. This helped me understand their motivations so I could tailor my presentation to them.
What was the result of all this?
At the end of my TED talk, I challenged people
to start their own podcasts.
Instead of nodding their heads going
“Yeah, neat idea” people went out and did it!
If you want to resonate with people, the first thing to do is listen. That’s how you’ll find the “hot button topics” that’ll strike a nerve and move them to take action.

Secret #3:

You’re on stage 24/7

Every day, you have the chance to inspire and influence others
with your words.
The opportunity is there whether you use it or not. You could be with family, at work, or talking to a small group at dinner.
And the truth is:
People are dying to be inspired.
It’s like Thoreau said, “most men lead lives of quiet desperation.”
Now more than ever, people are starved for real connection.
They want someone to get their blood pumping and brighten their day.
This lesson hit home for me while I was chatting
with people before my TED talk.
In the beginning, I assumed none of them liked me. But when I told them I was speaking, their eyes lit up. They’d say:
“Good luck! I’m sure you’ll do great!”

That’s when I realized these people were on my side!
They wanted me to succeed.
So does your boss, the people in your audience,
your girlfriend or husband -- and most people you speak to.
They want you to inspire them
and make them feel good!
When you can inspire people with your words, you become memorable. People want to be around you. Opportunities open up, and doors appear where once there were only walls.
But if you’re like most people,
you have a critic in your head that holds you back.
The one with impossible standards that shoots down anything you want to say because it’s not good enough.
How about we replace that critic with unshakable confidence and the ability to speak with power and persuasion. Sound good?

Secret #2:

Being authentic doesn’t just “happen”

Many people saw my TED talk, but nobody saw what happened
behind the scenes to make it a success.
Eight weeks of military-style rehearsing is what I put myself through for this one moment. I probably practiced that talk 120 times.
I recorded myself delivering that speech on camera close to 30 times.
I rewatched myself so I could catch my flaws and iron them out.
It made me cringe, but I had to do it.
My goal was to hit the sweet spot between being prepared
yet sounding natural.
Because I knew that authenticity takes practice.

When you hear someone like Jocko Willink or Tai Lopez speak on stage, they sound totally natural. But that’s usually because they
got their speech down cold.
Another great example of this is top comedians like Jimmy Carr
or Louis CK. They always look like they rolled on stage and started rattling off hilarious jokes.
The reality is, they’ve tested their words, pauses, intonation, hand movements and more. They hone their act in small clubs until it’s ready for Netflix.
A mentor of mine once told me something I’ll never forget:

If you sound rehearsed,
then you didn’t rehearse enough.

It’s true.
It isn’t easy to be natural and authentic when you have a crowd of people watching you. You get self-conscious. But if you put in the practice and get feedback, the right words will flow when it’s time.

Brian and his team will do everything they can to pull you forward (sometimes kicking and screaming) and get you across the finish line!

Bryant Zwart


The “Fast Track” to
Becoming the Most
Inspiring Speaker in the Room

Here’s a sneak-peek at what’s inside
the entire Speak To Inspire program:

Module 1:

Discover Your Inspirational Message

This week reveals the foundation of every great speaker: uncovering your why. We will guide you through exercises that tap into your natural influence. Once you grasp this, your speaking will accelerate to new heights.
Here’s a look at what’s inside:

The 5 London Real Commandments of great speaking.
We’ll break down what all top speakers have in common, so you can learn what makes them highly influential. This will reveal hidden triggers you can use to inspire people with your voice.

How to inspire your first 1,000 true fans -
we’ll help you uncover what type of speaker you want to be, so you can attract your perfect audience with ease.

My personal process for eliminating nervousness – completely
(I do this before every talk or interview, and it‘s never failed).

The proven “Confidence On Command” technique to raise your self-esteem within seconds.

How to overcome your fears around public speaking so you can crush it on stage.
Worrying about what other people think of you and feeling like you’re not good enough won’t hold you back anymore.

And much more.

Module 2:

Crafting Your Message For Maximum Impact

Once you’re clear on on your why, your values and your beliefs, you’ll structure that into a message that creates impact. This way, you’ll know exactly what to say and be sure that it leaves a lasting difference on your audience.
In this module we’ll cover:

Proven methods for crafting your ideas into well-structured speeches
(if you’ve ever had too much to say, or didn’t know what to say, this will end all that for good).

The #1 best way to structure your talk to be like the most influential speakers
in the world.

How to use a “Bulletproof Action” to make people do what you want without forcing it (elite-level achievers use this to get what they want in life with total ease… now it’s yours).

Pro-level language tips that make you a more effective communicator.
World-famous authors use this to create bestselling novels. Now, you can use it to become a world-class speaker.

How to deliver an effective Call To Action at the end of your speech.
This is based on the psychology London Real uses to motivate over 96% of our paying students to complete our courses.

And a lot more.

Module 3:

Charismatic Storytelling Techniques

Here, you’ll learn the key elements that go into great storytelling. We’ll teach you how to tell a riveting story that’s meaningful and worth your audience’s time.
You’ll discover:

The fundamental difference between bad storytelling and great storytelling
(this is why some stories are entertaining, while most completely miss the mark).

How to be authentic from a place that feels easy and natural – this makes people drop everything just to hear you speak.

The power of using a “Hero’s Journey” to amplify the effect of your stories.
We’ll help you build this from scratch, giving you the formula to turn up the emotional “punch” in your speech.

How to deliver captivating stories that draw people’s attention instantly.
You will immediately stand out as being different among other speakers who lack this skill.

One simple way to express what’s on your mind without hesitation - this will make your message crystal clear, instead of drifting off aimlessly putting your audience to sleep.

Plus, much more.

Module 4:

Bulletproof Your Credibility

Here, you’ll learn to build expert-level credibility into your speech so people believe in every word you say. As a result, people believe in you as an expert or authority. So you can win better opportunities in your life.
You’ll get:

How to uncover the juicy, hidden facts about your topic that completely stun your listeners. You will leave an unforgettable impression, no matter how mundane your subject is.

The “Instant Inspire Moment” –  use this to hook your audience’s undivided attention, so they view you as an authority in a matter of minutes.

An effective method for using statistics, quotes and testimonials from other experts (this is called “borrowed credibility” which injects persuasive power into your message).

And much more.

Module 5:

Secrets To Authentic Delivery On Stage

By the end of this week, you’ll know how to take a stage with complete confidence.
I’ll also teach you the secrets to charismatic body language.
You’ll discover:

How to master your body language to be stage-ready under the spotlight
(we’ll make this feel natural so you don’t ever have to consciously focus on it).

The “Audience Restoration Method” to jolt the room alive when the energy is low.
I’ll teach you to gauge the room so you know how the audience feels at all times.

How to speak with strong vocal tonality in the right moments.
We will break down your speech and cover the proper pace, perfect timing and right energy to speak persuasively.

Effective techniques for getting out of your head so you stop overthinking.
You’ll no longer get caught up in your audience and lose your train of thought.

How to recover from an embarrassing mess-up by performing a “Neuralyser”
(transform any mistake into a masterful performance using this, which makes the audience praise you even more).

And tons more.

Module 6:

Persuasion Frameworks To Influence The Masses

Lastly, you’ll take everything you’ve learned and use it to inspire thousands, and potentially millions of people. You’ll discover proven methods to persuasive speaking, so you can effectively spread your message and leave a legacy you’re proud of.
A few of the things you’ll learn include:

Aristotle’s world-famous persuasion framework for inspiring the masses
(history’s greatest orators use this to start global movements time and time again, revealed here).

4 big ideas you can use to deliver an award-winning speech to any audience.
Use this to quickly become a key person of influence at any event you speak at.

How to use the “Chameleon Effect” so everyone in the audience connects with your message.
From beginners to experts, this makes sure you don’t alienate anyone.

Advanced positioning secrets used by top-level speakers to stand out from the crowd (while most speakers get lost in the noise, you’ll immediately get noticed).

Proven techniques based on psychology to create a swell of inspiration in your listeners – think metaphors, imagery, dramatic climaxes, and more great tactics.

But that’s not all.

This experience will move you.
You will challenge yourself to be more, and to get more done.

Dragos Stefanescu

Ready for
REAL Accountability™?

Introducing the Triple-Tiered
leave no man or woman behind
accountability protocol.
Imagine what it’d be like if you were surrounded by a group of brothers
and sisters who literally will NOT let you fail.
We’ve created a 3-Tiered Accountability protocol to install the safety
net and scaffolding that guarantees you don’t slip up
while implementing the program.

Here’s what it includes:

REAL accountability #1:

12 Hours of Live Video Calls

First, we have two 1-hour calls a week for 6 weeks.
That’s 12 hours of direct accountability.
I’ll get on the phone with you and the rest of the
Speak To Inspire community every week throughout the course. There, I’ll help you through that week’s material and make sure you’re not falling behind.
All calls are recorded so if you can’t make one, no problem. You can catch up the next day.
You’ll also have your own “mini-mastermind” group
during that time. These are small group calls led by one of my hand-selected speaking coaches. They’re a great place to ask questions and get feedback. They’ll also hold your feet to the fire and make sure you get stuff done.
After the 6 weeks is through, you’ll continue doing
monthly mastermind calls with your small group minus the coach for the next year. So you can support each other through your entire journey.

REAL accountability #2

Private Facebook Group

Here you will post your picture and video assignments and connect with the rest of the class in real time in order to stay inspired and accountable.
You’ll also have the chance to get feedback, ask questions, pitch ideas, and network. My team and I will even be in there mixing it up to give you extra guidance and one-on-one support.
If nothing else, it’ll help make the journey a ton of fun!

REAL accountability #3:

A Dedicated Email Address

Consider this your batline.
Anytime you feel yourself losing traction, hit us up, and my team and I will make sure you get through any hurdles or obstacles that threaten your success in the program.

If you’re the type of person who likes to have someone hold your feet to the fire, to ensure you take action
and avoid excuses, then you’re going to love this.

Here’s what London Real graduates have to say about this system:

James Butterworth

London Real has accountability absolutely nailed, they support you every step of the way and won’t leave anyone behind.

Luis Fernando

Brian Rose is a rockstar, he has a passion for teaching, he’s great at it, and does it with a firm hand in a relatable way.

Bill Wilson

The class was dynamic. 80-90 people from all over the world which is amazing to think we’re all interacting, we had our own facebook page, we were constantly helping each other through our struggles, which to me was worth almost more than the actual content of the course. Because getting that support was so essential. Because without the support, the course means nothing.

Join Today & Get THREE
Special Bonuses
(Valued At $1,797) for FREE

These next three things I almost didn’t include because they could be entire courses in themselves.
But in typical London Real fashion, I want to over-deliver and give you every advantage in becoming an influential speaker.
Plus, I want this decision to be a no brainer for you.
So we created three very special bonuses for people who join Speak To Inspire. These bonuses will ensure your success beyond the course and help you make a return on your investment.
These bonuses won’t be available anywhere else.
You can only get them if you join today.

Bonus 1:

Inspirational Speaker Lifestyle Blueprint ($599 Value)

If you want to become a highly paid speaker, you’ll love this training.
It takes you behind-the-scenes on how to create the inspirational speaker lifestyle for yourself. These are the exact methods I’ve discovered from successful, world-class speakers on turning this into a profession that pays you well.
You’ll learn:

Expert-level strategies to create an amazing lifestyle business as a highly paid speaker – taken straight from the most successful guests on London Real.

How to find better speaking gigs that pay you BIG money.
Once you learn this, you’ll never be in a position of scarcity again.

How to get invited to speak at big conferences as a keynote speaker.
Make the shift from “looking for gigs” to “getting paid invitations” and watch your business multiply… while doing less work.

Plus, a whole lot more.

Bonus 2:

Your Next Big Promotion ($599 Value)

Whether you’re new in a company or an experienced veteran, this will help you persuade those in charge to give you the next big promotion.
We’ll cover:

Different strategies for using professional speaking skills to influence people in your workplace. If you want support from coworkers or approval from the boss, this will give you the buy-in you need to make your job easier.

How to build a compelling case to why you deserve a better opportunity
(whether it’s the next promotion, a hefty raise or any other compensation, this is how you do it).

The key to speaking with persuasion while coming from a place that’s authentic.

And much more.

Bonus 3:

Win More Clients, Make More Money ($599 Value)

Selling is the most important skill in business today. In this training, you’ll learn to sell from any platform to win more clients and make more money,
You’ll discover:

How to use persuasive speaking skills to sway investors and well-paying clients to your business. You’ll learn to do this without feeling like you’re “selling”, too.

A framework to sell effectively from any platform to get what you want
(think Facebook live, webinars, from a stage or anywhere your potential customers might be).

Advanced selling methods to supercharge your influence – tactics used by London Real’s most persuasive guests.

To recap, here’s what you get
when you join the program:

12 hours of weekly accountability calls

Free bonus #1:
Inspirational Speaker
Lifestyle Blueprint
($599 value)

Access to 6 step-by-step training modules for becoming an influential speaker who inspires like the greatest guests on London Real

Access to the private Speak To Inspire community

Free bonus #2:
Your Next Big Promotion
($599 value)

Your own private speaking mini-mastermind group

Free bonus #3:
Win More Clients,
Make More Money
($599 value)

graduation ceremony

At the end of the course we have an optional
graduation ceremony in London on October 26th-28th, 2018.
Here you will be able to perform your final speech in front of a
LIVE audience (including students of the course, London Real fans and influencers) during a London Real event.
This will be the grand finale of your
Speak To Inspire experience.

Perform your final speech
Visit the new London Real World Headquarters.
Meet and network with your fellow classmates
Enjoy the graduation dinner

Again this event is optional but I highly recommend it.
If you are unable to attend we will live stream your speech
to the class via video link.

Start date:

September 18th, 2018

end date:

October 28th, 2018



October 26th - 28th, 2018

My first pitch took me ages – and it should, working it and re-working it, trying to compress the essence of what I needed to say, then thinking how it would be on camera. Knowing how to pitch yourself is incredibly powerful, the practice of going through this and the support from the team was transformational.

Steve Turner

And that’s not all.
If you pay the price in full today
you will also get these two exclusive bonuses:


Bonus 1:




Watch The $50 Billion Dollar Man & High Performance Executive Dan Peña Teach a Group of Elite Executives
The Secrets on How To:
    •    Get Comfortable Taking Risks
    •    Increase your Emotional Bank Account so the                      Financial Bank Account will Follow
    •    Face Your Fears and Crush Your Self Doubts
    •    Just F*cking Do It

Bonus 2:




Brian Rose, the Founder & Host of London Real, kicks of your Speak to Inspire experience with a video call showing you:
    •    How to Adopt a Winning Mindset from Day One             and Crush Your Goals
    •    How He "Gets Things Done" and 3 Simple Tools             to Beat Procrastination
    •    The Five Key Habits to His Daily Success
    •    How to 10x Your Speak to Inspire Experience

6 Years Of Proven Speaking Methods Used By
London Real’s Greatest Speakers

This course isn’t your only option for learning speaking skills:
You can hire an A-list private speaking consultant to coach you.
But this would cost you between
$2,500 – $6,000…
for one half-day session.
If you pay a consultant for 6 weeks,
the damage would easily cost you
$18,000 – $36,000.
You could try learning this by yourself online for free,
but it would take you years just to become decent at it.
And let’s face it, if you could learn this yourself,
you would’ve done it by now.

It’s nearly impossible to get good at this without accountability
and pro-level mentorship.
Speak To Inspire cuts years off your learning curve and
transforms you into an exceptional speaker in just 6 weeks.
Grab this opportunity today!



Everything in the Speak to Inspire course and...

  • Pay In Full Bonus #1 Dan Pena at the Ritz
  • Pay In Full Bonus #2  Video Kickoff Call with Brian
  • Brian’s Private E-mail Address
  • Final Video Interview in the London Real Studio’s “leather Chair” with Brian
  • Access to Brains Inner Circle Group
  • Brian as your personal mentor for 6 months
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The 6-Week Program


The 6-week online accountability course for
becoming an inspirational speaker.


  • Pay In Full Bonus #1 Dan Pena at the Ritz
  • Pay In Full Bonus #2  Video Kickoff Call with Brian
Best value Enroll Now

or 12 Payments of


  • Pay In Full Bonus #1 Dan Pena at the Ritz
  • Pay In Full Bonus #2  Video Kickoff Call with Brian
  • Pay In Full: Save $367

The Inner Circle


Everything in the Speak to Inspire course and...

  • Pay In Full Bonus #1 Dan Pena at the Ritz
  • Pay In Full Bonus #2  Video Kickoff Call with Brian
  • Brian’s Private E-mail Address
  • Final Video Interview in the London Real Studio’s “leather Chair” with Brian
  • Access to Brains Inner Circle Group
  • Brian as your personal mentor for 6 months
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If you have any questions or concerns about the course please contact us.

Lets Talk!



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60 day Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to feel confident about this course without the worry of gambling your hard-earned money.
Anyone who joins Speak To Inspire will have a coach working very close to them. We make sure no one is left behind. That is why our courses have the highest success rate on the internet.
And since I promise this course will deliver everything I’ve mentioned on this page, I’m going to put my reputation on the line and shoulder all the risk:
Try Speak To Inspire for an entire 60 days or your money back. If you want a refund, I will ask you to show me that you have completed all the coursework and attended the calls.
Send us an email at support@londonreal.tv asking for a full refund and we’ll give you your money back.
You have 60 days to try this course to see if it’s right for you.

Hurry, This Rare Opportunity Is
Coming Down Very Soon

This course is open for an
extremely limited time only.
Then I’m pulling the offer.
No one gets in after this.
I like to honor my word for those who
do take action in time.
Anyone who rushes back asking if they can still get in
(which always happens) will be put on a waiting list where you’ll be notified next year when this course opens up.

Make no mistake, this 6-week course will change your life and transform you into an authentic, influential person who can inspire and create real impact in the world.
But you must act quick!
When it’s over, it’s done.
Now is your only chance to get in before we take this off the market for good.
Click the “Enroll Now” button below to claim your spot in this 6-week transformation.
Can’t wait to see you on the inside,

Brian Rose and his team have helped me compress a year’s prep, self-learning and most importantly action into 6 weeks and have over delivered on any promises made. It’s the number one course I have ever taken.

Gavin Readman



Everything in the Speak to Inspire course and...

  • Pay In Full Bonus #1 Dan Pena at the Ritz
  • Pay In Full Bonus #2  Video Kickoff Call with Brian
  • Brian’s Private E-mail Address
  • Final Video Interview in the London Real Studio’s “leather Chair” with Brian
  • Access to Brains Inner Circle Group
  • Brian as your personal mentor for 6 months
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The 6-Week Program


The 6-week online accountability course for
becoming an inspirational speaker.


  • Pay In Full Bonus #1 Dan Pena at the Ritz
  • Pay In Full Bonus #2  Video Kickoff Call with Brian
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  • Pay In Full Bonus #1 Dan Pena at the Ritz
  • Pay In Full Bonus #2  Video Kickoff Call with Brian
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Everything in the Speak to Inspire course and...

  • Pay In Full Bonus #1 Dan Pena at the Ritz
  • Pay In Full Bonus #2  Video Kickoff Call with Brian
  • Brian’s Private E-mail Address
  • Final Video Interview in the London Real Studio’s “leather Chair” with Brian
  • Access to Brains Inner Circle Group
  • Brian as your personal mentor for 6 months
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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t live in London?

Our courses are specifically designed for people NOT living in London.

With our Zoom LIVE call software we see each other face-to-face for two 1-hour calls every week.

Most of our previous 200 graduates live abroad as far away as New Zealand, Botswana, California, Ecuador, Tokyo, Singapore, you name it.

You will be able to succeed no matter what part of the world you come from.

Does this work for introverts?

As an introvert who spent his early teens avoiding parties so I could work alone in the garage on science fair projects, I get it.

This course is actually designed with introverts in mind because we know most of them want to get better at speaking persuasively.

Heck, even though I love speaking now, I’m still an introvert. But I can hand on heart say this is the best investment you can make in your confidence and speaking skills.

You’ll also love our accountability group. It’s a judgement-free zone filled with positive, encouraging people who only want the best for you.

What if I have an accent?

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Arianna Huffington used to worry about that, too. Until they realised it was an advantage to stand out from the crowd.

Look around, and you’ll find countless successful speakers with accents. So long as you have something to say, people don’t care what you sound like.

Do you guarantee this will work for me?

While most courses only have a 5% completion rate, our courses continually pull a 96% completion rate.

Our REAL Accountability™ system makes it so you experience rapid transformation and never feel like you’re falling behind.

And if after 60 days you don’t feel like you got your money’s worth, we will give you a 100% refund if you complete all the coursework and attend the live calls.

What if I fall behind?

You have access to the material for life and can go through it at your own pace.

If life gets in the way and you need a break, you can come back anytime and pick up where you left off.

How do I know if I’m ready?

It’s natural to have doubts, we all do, but if the thought has crossed your mind to start a business, you are probably on to something.

Remember that we all have invisible stories we tell ourselves. Growing up most of our parents never explained or encouraged entrepreneurship as an alternative to finding a job because it was deemed “risky” and there wasn’t any internet around. Today the possibilities to build a life on your own terms have never been so easy with all the tools and resources that are available.

It’s more about taking the mental leap than actually being ready, because there will never be a time where you are completely ready.

Not taking the opportunity to build something for yourself today will be the bigger risk than not doing anything at all. If you are reading this that means you have some kind of interest in starting a business. Imagine looking back 10 years down the line and not taking this chance, how will you feel about that? That is the real risk.

How much help will I receive?

In our 6 weeks of working together we will jump on a hourly call twice a week with all the students where we will track your progress and do a Q&A.

I personally read your weekly reports during the complete course.

You will get a customised email that you can use to send me unlimited questions to which I will respond within 24 hours.