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Discover The Proven Blueprint That Allowed Me To Beat Procrastination, Master High Performance Habits And Crush My Yearly Goals

What if you could guarantee success with your New Year’s resolutions?

With New Year coming up, you probably have some big plans.

We all make resolutions like:

“I’m going on a new diet!”

“From now on, I’m meditating every day!”

“This year I’m quitting my job and following my passion!”


It is easy to set big goals at the start of a year, but then we tend to get lost.

Either we don’t know where to start, or we give up after a few weeks.

What if this year you could get clear on your goals, free yourself from self-doubt and procrastination, and actually start living the life you dream about?


Every week at London Real I interview some of the most fascinating people on the planet who are already living their dream lives.

They are no different to you or me. They are not superhuman. There is just one thing they get right: their habits.

The only thing that makes a bestselling author, or a billionaire investor, or an Olympic champion is that they set goals, and stick to them, one day at a time.

They focus on the process, not the outcome. Piece by piece, they build the life they want.

“Thank you Brian and the team for your incredible direction and input. I’m at least 12 months ahead of where I would be on my own!”
Max Keeling – The Investment Coach


“During this course my two passions, holistic pharmacy and speaking, have discovered not only a way to coexist, but to benefit from each other. They have been infused with life and action.Thanks to Brian Rose and his team, and even more to all the members of this incredible course!”
Jan Reuter – Pharmacist and Internet Personality

“Will power only gets you so far. It is the people you surround yourself with that make all the difference. Brian Rose and his team have laid out step by step how to get from point A to point Z. You are all going through the same struggles at the same time, and I loved being part of the group dynamic and the infectious excitement that people feel when they make progress.  It’s not only the process, but the environment!”
Jennifer Taylor – Founder of Vibrant Soils




How many of us have dreamed of building a better life for ourselves?

We know we need to master our mindset, and find a way to reduce anxiety and increase concentration.

We understand that in order to be successful, we need to be confident in moving forward with our goals.

We know that a healthy diet and movement practice is essential for success in other aspects of our life.

And we understand that our strong inner circle of relationships is what allows us to make big bold moves.

We all have the plans in our mind.

That is not the problem.


Most often these dreams are never realised because we lack the blueprint needed to ACTUALLY TAKE ACTION.

What if I could show you a way to systematically eliminate procrastination from all aspects in your life?

How would you feel if I could show you a way to finally master your health, mind, body and relationships?

And that is what I am offering YOU…

I am offering you an opportunity to make 2017 the year that you finally stop daydreaming about the life you want, and start making it a reality.

I am super excited to introduce the


Our groundbreaking online mentorship program where I arm you with the the high-performance habits practiced by the very best.

We will teach you how to reprogram yourself to ensure that you stop procrastinating and always follow through.

You will engineer your own success by learning how to:

Master your emotions and thoughts

Build your confidence and motivation

Upgrade your nutrition, health and energy

Hone your movement practice

Connect deeper with your inner circle

Create a compelling future game plan & execute on it


Dan Peña
on confidence

Jocko Willink
on extreme ownership

Dorian Yates
on goal setting

Ido Portal
on movement

Tim Ferriss
on mindset

Elliott Hulse
on bioenergetics

David Allen
on Getting Things Done

Ross Edgley
on Ultimate Performance

Mimi Ikonn
on gratitude

And many more...


This course requires a break from your old habits. Joining us means you will take massive action. You will not just passively watch content. You WILL step out of your comfort zone.


let me tell you a little secret...

Just before every episode of London Real I look at the person in the leather chair seated opposite me and ask:

Why did THIS person make it as guest on London Real?

What did THEY do that was so special?

Why am I broadcasting THEIR ideas out to the world?

And let me tell you it’s NOT why you would think.

Sure many of them have done impressive things like command a NAVY SEAL task unit, coach a UFC Champion, or fly into space.

But what most people don’t know is that they really aren’t that extraordinary. They just have extraordinary habits.

So tell me, why are YOU not in my guest chair?


I often get stopped on the streets by London Realers who say “One day I’m going to be on your show.”

I always respond with the same short answer…


I know that sounds hard to achieve, but the mechanics are actually pretty simple:

You model the habits of the successful people who already achieved your dreams

Not just any random habits.

The best of the best.

The “crème de la crème.

For 5 years I have explored, examined and experimented with every idea put forth by the greatest minds on London Real.

“This experience will move you. This will touch you and make you challenge yourself to be more, and to get more done.”
Dragos Stefanescu – Information Technology and Services


“I would recommend the course to anyone looking to learn, looking to start, or looking to grow. I am pleased to say now that trusting the process has made me more dynamic, creative and thoughtful and thus a better founder and leader going forward.”
Mikhil Raja – Cofounder of Sonicjobs, Former Investment Banker

“This program is not just about learning, it is more about TAKING ACTION and DOING STUFF. Not just talking about it. Thank you Brian Rose for creating this awesome course and a massive thank you goes to everyone in the class who attended with me and contributed with amazing energy, feedback and pieces of advice into my life and business.”
Andreea Bordas – Entrepreneur and Life Coach



I have condensed all my learnings into one.

One structure.

One game plan.

One blueprint.


Why do this accelerator NOW?

Let me take you back into time for a second.

One year ago we launched our Business Accelerator, an eight week intensive course that turns your passion into a business. Here we shared our 5 years of knowledge and experience that built a tiny podcast into a global media business.

It was oversubscribed from day one with over 200 applications received for our 1st class of 10 students and became a huge success.

Now 150 graduates later, we have developed a trademark accountability system that creates phenomenal results through which ANY student can build a business.


But then I noticed something very strange….

When our graduates made their testimonials they rarely talked about their business success.

Instead they spoke about overcoming self-doubt, pushing through resistance and procrastination, and becoming the best version of themself.

They signed up to build a business, but in the process they built self-esteem, confidence, and the drive to be successful by any means necessary.

That triggered an idea.

Why not skip the business and instead accelerate our lives by building the best version of ourselves?


If you have seen my TED talk then you know that one day my life changed because of Sir Richard Branson

I was sitting in Richard’s beautiful ski chalet overlooking the mountains in Verbier, Switzerland with a group of elite bankers I had brought together for a weekend of schmoozing, snowboarding, and partying.

We were all relaxing and enjoying a bit of Après-ski with some in the hot tub, others by the fireplace, and the rest making our plans for a big night out on the town.

As I looked around the room I received a text from a friend in London...

I scanned the room, took a deep breath, and felt my heart sink into my chest. I texted back:

And in that one moment, I knew things would never be the same again.

You see on the outside my life looked amazing to my friends, family, and everyone on LinkedIn 🙂 But inside I was dying a slow death, working a job I hated just to make more money that I didn’t need.

That existence was becoming more toxic every day.

Everyone around me felt my negative energy and did EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to avoid me.

Looking back on these times it was pretty obvious why.

My job consisted of sitting on a chair all day looking at a screen. I hadn’t genuinely connected with my body in years.

I would fall asleep watching Gordon Gekko make ruthless deals on Wall Street every night.

I partied every other night without recovering, and then would snap at people for no reason.

Not only that, I would eat whatever landed on my plate, drink alcohol like water, and anxiously watch stocks go up and down all day.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew something wasn’t right, but I couldn’t realise it because I was so out of touch with my intuition.

Instead I just worked myself into the ground, assuming that is what “successful people” did.

So how did I get saved from this luxurious prison?

It was a fundamental mindset tool that is practiced by some of the greatest London Real guests ever to grace the chair.


I began my practice just expecting to become more calm.

But it did way more than that.

I started getting in touch with my emotions again.

I became an observer of my mind and learned how to master my thoughts.

On a subconscious level I realised that my “money is everything” philosophy was no longer serving me.


Three months later I walked into my financial institution and resigned my position of 10 years. I walked out of the building in a state of shock not knowing what would come next or where my life would lead me.

That change gave my mind time to breathe, and six months later I would start a brand new journey and broadcast my first episode of London Real.

Over the next five years I would sit down for over 1000 hours with the greatest minds in the world.

I learned so much from these people, and their ideas started rubbing off on me.

I talked to top athletes and started taking my eating behaviour seriously. A few counterintuitive tweaks to my diet made my energy levels shoot up.

Guys like Jocko Willink instilled the idea of taking “extreme ownership” and that I alone was responsible for all of the outcomes in my life. He taught me to stop making excuses, and just get it done.

People like Ido Portal taught me how to move again. I found a practice that fitted me and felt 10 years younger. Not only that, all of a sudden I started waking up refreshed with a clear mind.

Most importantly, I was providing value to others.

Instead of waking up and thinking about  how much value I could extract out of this world, I put all my energy into pumping as much value as possible in to this world.

Now I understood what it took to be successful, and enjoy the good life too.

All because I started taking on the right habits.

Does that sound like a life you want to live?

Then I have good news for you. It is possible, and I will show you how.



• Master your emotions through powerful meditation

• Learn how to transform suffering into gratitude by using this simple practice

• The Low Media Diet: A minimalist approach to mindfulness

You will start by learning how to understand and trust your intuition. I will show you how to deep dive into yourself using the practice that sparked London Real: meditation. Next, we will explore the profound impact gratitude had on my life and how you can practice it using a simple tool. Lastly, you will clear your head by going on a low media diet. This will set you up for next week, where I will show you how I launched London Real to the next level by taking control of my mindset, and how you can do the same for your life.


I would have gladly paid at least 2-3x the amount I paid to be in this program, that’s how much value I got. For anybody considering this, invest in yourself. Get in there, get at it. Put yourself out there and see what you can do when you have the knowledge to succeed.
– Chris A



• Learn the timeless tools to build superhuman confidence

• Become a consistent self-motivator using the GTD mindset

• Break the shackles of your excuses, your distractions and your fears by cultivating extreme ownership

You built a solid foundation last week, and now you are going to prepare yourself for peak performance. You will turn your New Year Resolutions into actionable goals and learn how to fearlessly execute on them Dan Pena-style. We will delve into the psychology of procrastination, and how you can conquer it using the GTD mindset – a technique our entire team uses for getting things done fast. And lastly, I go deep on how extreme ownership impacted my life, changed the course of London Real, and how you can apply it to your daily life.

I had people on the course who have become really great friends of mine, they have helped give me so many ideas great ideas and invaluable feedback on my business. We still keep in contact and have calls together, it really is an amazing community!
– Claire L




• Take control of your meals and become an inexhaustible source of energy

• Effortlessly lose weight using this one simple mindset-shift

• Replace toxic diet habits with healthy ones that fit YOUR lifestyle

In this module we are going to focus on habits, not diets. The goal of this module is to spot toxic eating behaviour, introduce new healthy changes, and transform them into lasting habits. Your energy levels will soar. I tried every idea my guests preach at London Real, so let me save you 5 years of trial and error and show you the ones that WORK. I created this module in such a way that anyone can come in and amplify whatever they are already doing, whether you are an Olympic athlete or a potato couch. You WILL raise your game after this week.


The Accelerator team was always accessible to repeatedly walk me through all my troubleshooting. The feedback they provided me was extremely valuable and helped me make enormous progress. Thank you so much Brian & the rest of the team!
– Lisa M

Module 4 - MOVE OR DIE


• Find your movement practice and feel ALIVE

• Experience the beauty of mental clarity using powerful breathing techniques

• Defeat your inner demons through the “Active Meditation” workout

Movement is essential when it comes to happiness, creativity and longevity. Sometimes we suffer from a bad day, a negative state of mind or even depression. The way to clear your head, oddly enough, is by getting out of your head. Therefore this week will be all about finding a movement practice that fits YOUR lifestyle. Then, you will learn how to handle any situation on demand by mastering your breath. Oh, and we will be doing an Active Meditation Worldwide Workout on our live call together. You in?

The most important thing I learned was attitude. The attitude to go and get it – to take action now! This mindset has transferred to all areas of my life.
– Vaclav F




• Identify your top 3 relationships and restructure them

• Reconnect with your family and friends on a deeper level than ever before

• Practice forgiveness and clear years of invisible mental weight

If one of my top 3 relationships are not doing well, I am not doing well. I believe we all crave some form of connection deep inside, but many of us take our loved ones for granted, when actually they are our biggest source of happiness, energy and fulfilment. That is is why we are dedicating a whole week just on exploring our relationships. You will learn how to connect on a deeper level than ever before. You will also practice forgiveness, which I guarantee by the end of the week will create surprising results for you.


“I was most impressed with the quality of people that Brian chose for the course, people who are open; open to learning, open to be vulnerable and who want to share ideas and insights with each other. It is a close group of people wanting to help each other succeed, which was very powerful to be a part of.”
– Sonam B



• Stoic Wisdom 101: how to become remarkably resilient

• Revisit your 6 week journey and create a failproof blueprint for your next 12 months

• The psychology of the top 1%: realise new levels of fulfilment

This is it! We arrived at the last module, but this is only the start of your 2017. Here, you revisit your learnings, pick the concepts that work for you, and set up a 12 month roadmap in the same way Dorian Yates meticulously planned his Mr. Olympia victories. Next, I will introduce you to the Stoic thinking that changed my life and how you can use it to take your future to the next level.

Finally, I talk about why I started London Real, the biggest reason it is so successful, and how you can apply the same mindset to your life.

I could have spent 2-5 years trying to learn this on my own the hard way and you can never pick up any of these tips and tricks through a book or a course run by a university. The modules, the workshop calls, and the feedback I got from the fellow students was invaluable. It has been a fantastic course.
– Melissa Yap



To guarantee results I have built accountability and community into this course:

12 hours of live video calls
I host a 1-hour call twice a week where myself and our seasoned London Real team leaders will give you private instruction, answer questions and follow up on your progress.

Access to our private Facebook group
Here you will post your picture and video assignments and connect with the rest of the class in real time in order to stay inspired and accountable. Plus it’s a lot of fun too!

A private e-mail address dedicated to answering any question about the course within 24 hours
My team and I are here to help you with any challenges and are committed to getting you across the goal line.

Lifetime Access to six video tutorial modules
Here is where I detail the teachings of the 18 most influential guests on London Real and how you can apply those to your life in specific, actionable steps in order engineer your most successful year ever

For the premium members I offer a live 1-on-1 call with me to kick off the course, and access to me via my personal email and Facebook chat. You also get to sit in the leather chair at London Real studios and be interviewed by me after the course and own this video asset. How cool is that?



January 3rd


February 19th


February 25th & 26th

Life Accelerator LIVE

Two-Day Event in London

Join us February 25th and 26th for two days of learning and celebration in London to meet your classmates, go deeper on the course material, and crystalise your plans to crush 2017 including:

Drinks at London Real Studios

Group dinner on Saturday night

Active Meditation in Hampstead Heath

Walking Tour of London with the team

Testimonial videos filmed at London Real Studios


This course will be massively oversubscribed so submit your application AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and do your very best to SELL US on why you should be a part of this class.

“Real growth and development is HARD, but Brian and his team do everything they can to pull you forward (sometimes kicking and screaming) to get you across the finish line. I’m sad that it’s come to an end, I’m grateful for what I got and I’m determined to take it into the future. Thanks, Brian!”
Bryant Zwart – Certified Public Accountant


“Brian Rose is a rockstar, he has a passion for teaching, he’s great at it, and does it with a firm hand in a relatable way. Anyone thinking about taking this, JUST DO IT! You will not regret it. I give absolute two thumbs up to this course.”
Luis Fernando – Artist

“In many ways my view of the world has changed by being a part of the London Real Accelerator. I now see the world with different, more trained eyes. I will use this knowledge for the rest of my life. Thank you Brian Rose and the rest of your team for allowing me to be a part of the journey!”
Michael McFadden – Senior Consultant


Why the Life Accelerator

Over the past five years I have spent over 1000 hours at London Real studios face-to-face with some of the greatest minds in the world. Every week I broadcast these conversations out to the world so you can learn important life lessons from these modern-day legends.

But then a funny thing happened. I found myself adopting the high performance habits of these icons and watched my business and personal success skyrocket. If you’ve been watching London Real for a few years, then you know what I mean! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have always wanted to transfer all of this knowledge on to a select group of London Realers who truly want to make big changes in their lives. This opportunity isn’t for everyone, I only want people that are willing to go “all in.”

There are no extraordinary people, just those with extraordinary habits who have a peer group that makes them accountable to execute on their goals.

This is the essence of our Life Accelerator.

I believe that life is short. In order to honour this gift we are given we must seize the day and take action!

Together we can make 2017 your greatest year ever.

I hope you join us on this incredible journey.

To our future!



$1,999Or 12 payments of $199
  • 6 Modules of Detailed Video Training
  • 12 hours of live video calls with Brian & team
  • Access to our Private Life Accelerator Facebook Group
  • Private e-mail with 24-hour response time
  • Bonus: Lifetime access to all modules & workbooks
  • Assigned London Real Mentor based on your goals


  • 6 Modules of Detailed Video Training
  • 12 hours of live video calls with Brian & team
  • Access to Private Life Accelerator Facebook Group
  • Private e-mail with 24-hour response time
  • Bonus: Lifetime access to all modules + workbooks
  • 1-on-1 Video Kick Off Call with Brian
  • Brian’s Private e-mail Address for Course Advice
  • Final Interview in the London Real Studios in the leather chair with Brian

Inner Circle

  • 6 Modules of Detailed Video Training
  • 12 hours of live video calls with Brian & team
  • Access to Private Life Accelerator Facebook Group
  • Private e-mail with 24-hour response time
  • Bonus: Lifetime access to all modules + workbooks
  • One ticket to the February 25-26th LIVE event in London
  • 1-on-1 Video Kick Off Call with Brian
  • Brian’s Private e-mail Address for Course Advice
  • Final Interview Video at London Real Studios in the leather chair with Brian
  • Access to Brian’s Inner Circle Group
  • Brian as your personal mentor for 6 months

Three-Part Guarantee


Your success is a reflection of the dedication of our team and the quality of our product. Our pledge is to do everything possible in order to redesign your life and make 2017 your best year ever. We have developed a proven system of high touch point instruction including video modules, live weekly calls, workbooks, team leaders and private community for support and accountability to ensure you take the right steps to engineer a successful and fulfilling life.


This course will accelerate your life by giving you our 5 years of knowledge based on 1000 hours spent with the greatest minds in the world. By having students complete weekly missions, receive high-level instruction, and work with peers this program is designed to effect real change in your life. These six weeks will arm you with the knowledge to 10x your game in all aspects of your life and set you up to make 2017 your best year ever in terms of mindfulness, diet, movement, mindset, relationships, and gameplan.


When you find balance and purpose in all aspects of your life you bring the best of you to your friends, family, and community. One of the most powerful elements of the Life Accelerator is that people are finally taking the action that they have postponed for so long. When you move through life with a purpose you experience an overwhelming sense of freedom and pride. Our students find that this attitude of taking action trickles down into all areas of their life leaving a lasting impact on everyone around them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I afford the Life Accelerator?

If you watch London Real, that means you are willing to invest in yourself.

I have spent several years and countless dollars building London Real before it ever became successful, and looking back on it, it was the best investment I ever made.

I grew in ways I never imagined possible. And these experiences will be part of me for the rest of my life.

Now I want to offer you the same London Real journey I went on, but without having to go through the mess of testing what works and what doesn’t.

Sure, you could do it on your own, but why leave your success up to chance? Why not give yourself a clear advantage by learning the right tools and surrounding yourself with mentors and like-minded starters?

When I look back to my MIT education, yes it cost a lot of money (loans I paid back for 10 years!). But those rigorous four years shaped the man I would become in so many ways that I easily have received a 100x return on that investment.

100x !!

That is something that only happened to the early Facebook investors.

So maybe you are asking the wrong question. Instead of wondering if you can afford this, how about asking yourself this:

How much is an investment for the rest of my life worth to me?

I believe in the Life Accelerator so much that I am offering a full 100% money-back guarantee if you complete all of the coursework and attend all of the live calls over the six week period. After that, if for any reason you are not totally satisfied, then I will give you a full refund. Otherwise your payment is non-refundable.

How is this different from any other course out there?

I spend thousands of dollars on digital courses every month in order to get myself and London Real to the next level.

There are some amazing products out there, but there is one thing they all lack: Accountability.

You see MOST of the digital courses out there are exactly that: DIGITAL. You sit at home alone and watch video modules. Sound like fun? Not to me.

I believe in teaching the old fashioned way. So when you sign up to one of my courses, you get to see the whites of my eyes on two 1-hour calls every single week.

You get to participate in LIVE zoom calls with the members of your class, many of who will become your friends for life.

I track your progress, push you to be your best, and I’m not a big fan of excuses. So if you want to watch some videos go to, but if you want to actually change your life, sign up to our Life Accelerator.

What if I don’t have any New Year’s Resolutions?

Even better.

Most people make resolutions that they believe will make them happy, but in reality won’t give them the life they want.

When you enter with a clean slate, you can go through our course with a free mind, and develop a goal that is worthy of your time.

At the end of this course, I guarantee you will be proud of the game plan you created for 2017.

I believe in the Life Accelerator so much that I am offering a full 100% money-back guarantee!

What if I don't have any time?

Do you have enough time to be successful?

Most people who complain of not having enough time in their lives suffer from bad routines and an ungrounded mindset.

The Life Accelerator gets rid of that.

The high performance habits you will learn on this course will GIVE YOU MORE TIME to do the things you want to do.

Successful people have the same 24 hours in the day as everyone else, they just use that time differently. So will you after these 6 weeks.

What if I don't live in London?

Our courses are specifically designed for people living ANYWHERE!

With our Zoom LIVE call software we see each other face-to-face for two 1-hour calls every week.

Most of our previous 150 graduates live abroad as far away as New Zealand, Botswana, California, Ecuador, Tokyo, Singapore, you name it.

You will be able to succeed no matter what part of the world you come from.

Is this the right time for me?

I always tell people it’s never too early to invest in your future. If you know you will get a 10x return, then why wait?

This course will not be offered for another year, do you really want to wait until 2018? What if by then it’s too late?

Just think back to December 2015 and your big ambitions for 2016. Did you accomplish any of them? Why not? How would your life have changed if you could have reached your goals?

Fortune favours the brave. Be bold and pull the trigger. Join me on this course.

I’m busy. How many hours will I need to invest?

We estimate you will need about 5 hours a week to get results. Although just like anything else, it’s simple: the more time you invest, the more results you will see.

How many hours would you set aside to build the life of your dreams?

What if I fall behind?

You will get life-time access to all of our content, so if you need to pause or slow down, you can continue afterwards at your own pace.

How much help will I receive?

In our 6 weeks of working together we will jump on an hour long call twice a week together where we will track your progress.

Also, I personally follow up on your weekly progress throughout the entire course.

And last but not least, you get a private e-mail to which I respond within 24 hours.



$1,999Or 12 payments of $199
  • 6 Modules of Detailed Video Training
  • 12 hours of live video calls with Brian & team
  • Access to our Private Life Accelerator Facebook Group
  • Private e-mail with 24-hour response time
  • Bonus: Lifetime access to all modules & workbooks
  • Assigned London Real Mentor based on your goals


  • 6 Modules of Detailed Video Training
  • 12 hours of live video calls with Brian & team
  • Access to Private Life Accelerator Facebook Group
  • Private e-mail with 24-hour response time
  • Bonus: Lifetime access to all modules + workbooks
  • 1-on-1 Video Kick Off Call with Brian
  • Brian’s Private e-mail Address for Course Advice
  • Final Interview in the London Real Studios in the leather chair with Brian

Inner Circle

  • 6 Modules of Detailed Video Training
  • 12 hours of live video calls with Brian & team
  • Access to Private Life Accelerator Facebook Group
  • Private e-mail with 24-hour response time
  • Bonus: Lifetime access to all modules + workbooks
  • One ticket to the February 25-26th LIVE event in London
  • 1-on-1 Video Kick Off Call with Brian
  • Brian’s Private e-mail Address for Course Advice
  • Final Interview Video at London Real Studios in the leather chair with Brian
  • Access to Brian’s Inner Circle Group
  • Brian as your personal mentor for 6 months