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Kim Kiyosaki - Always Pay Yourself First: How to Take Action, Pull The Trigger & Create Wealth


Co-Founder & CEO of The Rich Dad Company

Global economic uncertainty continues worldwide and for millions of people the outlook is grim to say the least. Right now, many people feel trapped and in lots of cases, deeply concerned about the future. This mentality is contagious and as the mainstream media churns out more doom and gloom predictions, the knock on effect leaves people feeling helpless.

The reality is that while we are living through some challenging times, there lies opportunity out there that everyone can take advantage of. All it requires is some self discipline and a commitment to put in the work and get the right kind of information.

I’m incredibly fortunate as I get to spend time with some of the most knowledgeable and influential people on the planet, and today’s guest is no exception. Joining me on today’s livestream is a remarkable woman who has made it her mission to empower individuals, particularly women, to take charge of their financial future and build lasting wealth.

Kim Kiyosaki is a trailblazer in the world of finance, entrepreneurship and as a bestselling author someone who has impacted people from every corner of the globe. Of course, I’ve had the great privilege of speaking regularly with her husband and great friend of London Real, Robert Kiyosaki. But it has been over four years since Kim joined me here on London Real.

Kim’s investment journey began in real estate back in the late 1980s, and while the world was a different place, interest rates were sky high and there were many of the same risks that exist today. Kim now owns thousands of properties, including hotels, golf courses and commercial units.

In 1996, Kim and Robert co-founded the renowned Rich Dad Company, having identified the shocking lack of financial education that existed not just in the US but worldwide. Kim realised there was a problem that could be solved, the core to any successful business and in doing so revolutionised the way millions of people approach wealth creation and financial independence.

On a more personal level, Kim identified a huge void for women when it came to financial education. As Kim explains, when it comes to money, women have traditionally been taught not to not take care of themselves, but rather to depend upon a husband, family member or government for financial support.

“As women we’ve been taught that money is a man’s game and investing is a man’s game. I tell you what – I know a lot of female investors and they’re damn good at what they do.”

This inspired Kim to put pen to paper, writing two bestselling books – Rich Woman: A Book on Investing for WomenandIt’s Rising Time! What It Really Takes to Reach Your Financial Dreams.

While Kim firmly believes gender has little to do with success or money, she does point out that female investors have an advantage because women generally have good intuition and like to nurture their investments. Kim’s goal is to empower more women to break through traditional gender barriers and take control of their financial destiny.

Beyond her literary contributions, Kim Kiyosaki is an internationally renowned speaker and tireless advocate for financial empowerment. That work extends to philanthropic efforts, and through the Rich Dad Foundation Kim is dedicated to providing financial education to underserved communities worldwide.

Kim’s insights on wealth creation, financial independence, and the transformative power of financial education are inspiring and a lesson to all, young and old, as she encourages everyone to treat their money as a business.

“We work so hard for our money, but most of us pay little attention to managing – much less growing – our money.”

By changing our mindset and relationship with money, Kim believes we can all get out of the rat race. Kim explains that when she and Robert started out, everyone thought that they were stupid and crazy because they were doing almost everything the opposite of what the traditional financial world said was right.

“We did all sorts of things to get that money. But, the key is getting creative and problem solving. That’s what’s missing today.”

For Kim, the key is building a wealthy mindset, starting a business, paying yourself first, surrounding yourself with the right people and most importantly taking action.

These are invaluable insights and the practical advice Kim offers can help anyone build wealth and create a secure financial future. It’s been a while since I’ve sat down with Kim and although a lot has changed in the world, the means for creating financial freedom remain the same. Whether you’re starting out on your journey or feel stuck in a rut, Kim’s advice will serve as a necessary wake up call.

“If people took personal responsibility for their financial lives, we would have so many problems disappear.”


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  9. The Employee-Entrepreneur Mindset
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