Join the Business Accelerator – Video 2 – London Real

Join the Business Accelerator - Video 2

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Gary Kind

Loving these videos Brian, one thing though and I went back and re-watched your Ted talk as I thought I might have missed it but you never say *how* and *why* you chose to setup a media company? Interested in the thought process or steps you took.

Have a great day!


Brian Rose

Welcome to “How to Create Your Winning Digital Product” !! Make sure you download the workbook and go DEEP on this one as I speak about How to Dominate Social Media, the concept of a Product Ecosystem, and how to map your Product Success Path in order to produce your very first MVP!! Leave me questions below 🙂

Robert McMillan

Terrific video. Really looking forward to the third one. I’m packaging a MVP right now and am looking forward to creating a new and better workshop for my business project.

Brian Rose

Good stuff Robert! Can you tell me more about your MVP and how I can help? tks!