Careers at London Real

London Real is a multi-channel media company whose mission is to improve the world by telling stories about game-changing people that inspire others to take control of their lives and achieve success in whatever form they desire.

We are the curator of people worth watching.

Each week we feature a long-form, in studio conversation with a leading key person of influence that is broadcast on television and online to over 250,000 subscribers. Our videos have been viewed over 50 million times.

London Real Academy is a group of 1000 people around the world who pay quarterly tuition in order to be part of an elite peer group designed to engineer success in their business and personal lives.

In addition to the Academy, London Real offers private mentoring courses in Business Acceleration and Public Speaking with graduates on four continents.

We also offer consultancy and bespoke services to businesses looking to improve their online video footprint, augment their brand, and connect with their audiences via multi-media.

Current Vacancies

Social Media Community Manager

Our Social Media Community Manager will create and control all of our interactions across the social media platforms YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, iTunes and the London Real Academy.

Your metrics will be audience growth, customer engagement, website traffic and lead generation.

This role will be responsible for creating, tagging and releasing all video clips, images, posts, audio pieces, etc. across all of our content platforms. You will also be engaging with, listening to, and servicing the paid members of the London Real Academy.

Junior Business Development Manager

Our Junior Business Development Manager is very social and extremely comfortable getting on the phone to talk about the many products and services offered by London Real.

You will be charged with contacting 10-20 people per day to talk about our Academy, Accelerator programs, and Business Media products.

You will also work in a strong team with the most exciting new media company in the world that is spreading new ideas and behaviour through our video conversations now watched over 50 million times.

Executive Personal Assistant

Our Executive Personal Assistant is charged with all tasks related to streamlining the workflow of the CEO and COO of the company. This includes emails, phone calls, event planning, administration, interaction with our Academy members, guest relations, and more.


If you love storytelling, this could be a dream position for you.

You will:

Work with one of the world’s most popular new media companies. London Real has reached over 50 millions people and we are growing at a rapid rate.
Come in contact with pro athletes, authors, CEO’s, public speakers, models, innovators, etc.
Communicate through e-mail to over 100,000 people
Spend time with a driven team that wants to make an impact in the world

We would start with a paid one-month trial, probably around 20 hours per week. If you are able to deliver, we can expand from there.

What do we need from you?

We need you to tell our story. You will be writing about our guests, business graduates, SuperFocus group events, etc.
You will create and manage an editorial calendar for our blog and e-mail.
We will look at you to come up with original ideas and angles for our stories

Job Requirements

At least 2 years of writing experience
Able to manage strict deadlines
Bonus: a good understanding of the London Real Brand
Bonus: comfortable with WordPress
Bonus: experience in direct response marketing

If you are serious about working with London Real, you are joining the top 1%, which means this position is not for everyone.

We demand a high level of quality when it comes to our copywriting, that could mean rewriting the same copy several times until it looks amazing, or throwing it out if it doesn’t meet expectations.

We work at top speed, which means you will need good mental and physical stamina. But if you can handle it, you will join an organisation where you can make an impact, hone your skills to your full potential, and come in contact with some of the most interesting people to walk this earth today.

Wanna join? Apply below.

Talent Booker

Our Talent Booker is tasked with finding the most fascinating people in the world to come to London Real studios and share their stories through conversation.

We are looking for the biggest and brightest humans including athletes, business people, thought leaders, scientists, humanitarians, politicians, comedians, astronauts, and more.

We want the best. Period. Our guests must have a profile, a following, a great story, a big personality, and real value to add to our subscribers.

This is a London-based, full time position requiring the booking of 80-100 guests per year. You will work closely with the entire team at London Real in curating the message we deliver to the world.

Public Relations Manager

Our Public Relations Manager is tasked with the job of promoting the content, ideas and ethos of London Real to the mainstream media.

You are tasked with gaining greater awareness of our program to magazines, newspapers, television, radio, blogs and other online sources.

You will work with the team to create newsworthy posts from our vast catalogue of hundreds of hours of high profile interviews and conversations that highlight the ideas and ethos of London Real.

This is a London-based role requiring the delivery of 5-10 newsworthy assets per week.

Video Producer/Editor AKA Preditor!

Our video editor is tasked with creating vivid and compelling content that excites and engages our worldwide audience at London Real. This could mean creating a 90 second trailer video showcasing one of our studio guests, documenting one of our journeys out to a London event, or creating a long-form original documentary. You must be prepared to work guerrilla-style and use your creativity to produce pieces on short deadlines.

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