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Watch > Episode > Jeff Brown - Silicon Valley Legend Talks Hottest Trends In Tech Investing: AI, Quantum Computing, & CRISPR

Jeff Brown - Silicon Valley Legend Talks Hottest Trends In Tech Investing: AI, Quantum Computing, & CRISPR


Legendary Stock Picker & Technology Investment Expert

Jeff Brown is a Silicon Valley legend.

He has picked the #1 tech stock in 4 of the past 5 years based on return.

Growing up, Jeff Brown had dreams of becoming an astronaut and even graduated from Purdue University’s “cradle of astronauts”…the same department Neil Armstrong graduated from.

Since then, he’s also continued his education with degrees and certificates from Yale, Stanford, MIT, and London Business School.

He’s invested in over 150 private deals in Silicon Valley, FOUR if which have become billion-dollar Unicorns.

In this episode we covered his vast knowledge on quantum computing, AI, CRISPR, blockchain… and more.

He also helps regular folks learn how to profit from the top tech stocks.

His latest discovery is “Timed Stocks.”

Thanks to the US federal government “Timed Stocks” have a preset countdown “timer” attached to their share price.

And the exact moment — down to the second — the timer hits zero, the stock could skyrocket.

Jeff has tracked hundreds of these launches.

And as a favour to me, HE HAS OFFERED LONDON REALERS ONLY ACCESS TO a historic online FREE EVENT on Thursday, March 18, at 8 pm ET.

Here he’ll lay out the proof that every single one of these “timed stocks” — 100% — went up.

That’s according to over a decade of back tested market data…

And most people have no clue they exist.

No one else is talking about this…

But one in every 680 stocks are “Timed Stocks.”

179 of them have soared up to 23,200% in a day.

And he’ll show you how you could start out the gate with $74,000 to $222,000 in potential profits from them.

So lock in your FREE SPOT NOW to Jeff’s TIMED STOCKS FINAL COUNTDOWN EVENT by clicking here.

This is ONE TIME ONLY on March 18th at 8pm ET and I will be there too!

2021 will be an incredible year for investing and that’s why Jeff Brown will be my co-pilot!

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