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Jason Silva - Transform Your Consciousness


Shots of Awe

Jason Silva is a television personality, filmmaker, futurist, philosopher, and public speaker best known for Shots of Awe and hosting Brain Games and Origins. His goal is to use technology to excite people about philosophy and science.

In his latest London Real appearance, television personality, filmmaker, futurist, philosopher, and public speaker Jason Silva visits the studio to discuss his vision to use technology to excite people about philosophy and science. Best known for “Shots of Awe” and hosting “Brain Games” and “Origins”, Jason is an insightful techno-optimist, whose positivity remains both inspirational and infectious.

Born on February 6, 1982, in Caracas, Venezuela, Jason Silva’s journey into the realms of art and philosophy began early in life. His multicultural upbringing and academic pursuits laid the foundation for a unique perspective that seamlessly weaves together the aesthetic and the intellectual. Silva’s fusion of artistic expression with profound philosophical insights has become a hallmark of his work, captivating audiences around the globe.

At the heart of Jason Silva’s influence is his online series “Shots of Awe,” a collection of brief yet impactful videos where he serves up what he calls “philosophical espresso shots.” These visually striking and intellectually stimulating pieces explore a diverse range of topics, from the nature of time and consciousness to the transformative power of technology. Silva’s energetic delivery and poetic articulation bring complex concepts to life, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of contemplation and wonder.

A self-proclaimed techno-optimist, Jason Silva embraces the potential of technology to uplift humanity and reshape our future. He envisions a world where advancements in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and virtual reality converge with the human imagination to unlock unprecedented possibilities. Silva’s optimistic outlook on the role of technology stands as a beacon, guiding us toward a future where innovation becomes a tool for profound positive transformation.

Silva’s impact extends beyond online platforms to mainstream media. He has contributed to documentaries and television series that explore the frontiers of human understanding. His collaboration on the National Geographic Channel’s “Brain Games” not only brought neuroscience to a broader audience but also showcased Silva’s ability to make complex subjects accessible and engaging.

Jason Silva frequently references the “Age of Wonder,” a term he uses to encapsulate the current era of rapid technological advancement and intellectual exploration. In Silva’s vision, the Age of Wonder is a time when the confluence of technology and human creativity gives rise to unprecedented breakthroughs, transforming the human experience and unlocking new realms of potential.

Silva’s influence as a modern-day philosopher extends to the stage, where his keynote addresses and public speaking engagements leave lasting impressions. His talks blend intellectual rigour with passionate expression, challenging audiences to question assumptions and envision a future where the limits of human potential are continually expanded.

In many ways, Jason Silva evokes a sense of the prophetic, not in a mystical or religious sense, but as a herald of possibilities. His fervent delivery and profound insights paint a portrait of a future where the marriage of science, philosophy, and art propels humanity into uncharted territories of understanding and creation.

Jason Silva stands as a beacon of inspiration in a world navigating the complexities of technological evolution and philosophical inquiry. His unique ability to blend art, philosophy, and technology has positioned him as a modern-day visionary, urging us to embrace the wonders of existence and actively participate in the creation of a future that transcends current limitations. In the hands of Jason Silva, philosophy becomes a visceral, tangible experience, and the Age of Wonder beckons us to explore the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.


00:00 | Trailer
02:36 | Brian’s thoughts on the episode
04:39 | Brian’s introduction
05:12 | Jason’s meteoric rise since his previous visit to London Real
07:07 | Shots of Awe allowed Jason to investigate further the ideas suggested in Brain Games
09:25 | If immortalism is beyond our control, we need to be able to take control of our day to day perceptions
11:47 | Implications of working for National Geographic while advocating scientific drug experimentation
16:37 | After the ecstasy, the laundry: coming back to reality after experiencing awe
25:55 | How Jason manages to talk daily about awe to an audience composed of people who have never experienced it
31:22 | It is possible for people to engineer their own divinity
34:12 | What a flow state is, how it feels to be in it and how to get into a flow state
48:10 | The connection between our death, anxiety, and love
56:05 | Revealing reasons why Jason had only recently accepted an invitation to Burning Man
1:07:49 | Jason’s standpoint on religion
1:12:22 | What YouTube has allowed people like him to do now, its benefit to the world and future possibilities
1:20:39 | Does Jason feel limited by language
1:23:09 | Jason believes we are all one family whilst being individual human beings
1:25:16 | What Jason plans for the future
1:27:23 | Elon Musk’s views on Singularity are well known, Jason’s views on technological singularity
1:32:19 | Why artist’s and poet’s interpretation of the future is not given more credence
1:33:20 | Jason doesn’t have a plan for his future, as he prefers something else
1:34:40 | Jason shares some deep thoughts on his biggest challenge now
1:42:50 | What it is like living in the USA at the present
1:43:55 | Phone call to the 20-year old Jason Silva
1:45:34 | Success Secrets
1:47:44 | Brian’s summing up.


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