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Dr. Judy Mikovits - Is Coronavirus A Plandemic? Exposing The Truth Behind America's COVID-19 Strategy


Activist & Former Medical Researcher

Judy Mikovits is an American activist.

As research director of a CFS research organization Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI) from 2006-2011, Mikovits led a research effort that reported in 2009 that a retrovirus known as xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus (XMRV) was associated with CFS and may have had a causal role.

In 1980, Mikovits was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with a specialization in biology at the University of Virginia. After graduation, she went to the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Maryland, where she developed purification methods for Interferon alpha.

Mikovits has gained attention on social media for promoting her ideas about the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic. She does not believe that a vaccine is needed to prevent COVID-19, and claims that the coronavirus was “caused by a bad strain of flu vaccine that was circulating between 2013 and 2015“. She also claimed masks will “activate” the virus and reinfect a mask-wearer over and over.

One such circulating video gained notoriety in May 2020. Titled Plandemic Part 1, the film is a half-hour long documentary-styled interview of Mikovits’s perspective on the accusations thrown upon her by the WPI. YouTube has removed this video number of times, citing community guidelines.

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1. The Corrupt Measures Taken To Handle The Coronavirus
2. What Measures We Need To Take To Prevent The Disease
3. There Is A Massive Liberal Overdiagnosis Of The COVID-19 In The US
4. Infecting People To Kill Them Through The Vaccine And Cover Up Corruption
5. The Government’s Response Was To Cover It Up!
6. Does 5G Play A Factor In The Virus
7. Should We Trust The Vaccine
8. The Reason They Are Pushing Us To Get The Vaccine
9. The Proof Of Vaccination Tattoos
10. Why Does Bill Gates Have A Patents Or Vaccines And Viruses?
11. Propaganda Masquerading As Science
12. How The System Locks You In
13. Why Is This Censorship Happening
14. Where Are The Pharmaceuticals Spending Their Money?
15. Is The Virus Engineered?
16. The Five Years I Was Silenced
17. There Is No Other Choice Than To Fight Against The Corruption
18. 5 Things I Would Tell Donald Trump To Do


00:00 | Trailer
0:58 | Brian’s introduction
3:00 | Judy talks about the measures being taken worldwide to lock down citizens
9:38 | The liberal over-diagnoses of the virus
13:33 | Judy talks about mandated vaccines and her fears of
15:46 | Vaccine injury and corruption in the vaccine world
17:33 | Brian talks about what he learned from Robert F. Kennedy Jr
18:20 | Judy clarifies that she is not anti-vaccine but rather against vaccines that aren’t tested properly and sufficiently enough
20:42 | Judy talks about the contaminants and toxins in some vaccines
21:36 | Alterations in gene expression as a result of vaccines
31:22 | Judy talks about a chapter in her book that focused on DTP injuries
35:35 | The criminal extortion and fraud of the HIV
36:52 | The problems with giving healthy people a vaccine
39:49 | Judy predicts 15 million deaths due to COVID-19 vaccines
44:00 | The Bayh–Dole Act that helped with funding vaccine patents
47:30 | How mainstream media twists the truth about COVID
48:48 | Judy talks about why there are measles outbreaks
49:00 | Judy’s personal vaccination experience
54:13 | The Ebola outbreak, the Zika virus and H1N1
55:00 | Brian talks about the censorship he’s facing currently online
1:10:03 | Brian talks about the conspiracy around the Wuhan lab gain of function studies
1:13:28 | The persecution Judy has faced from Dr. Fauci
1:16:39 | The attempts on Judy’s life
1:32:53 | ITP being a side effect of MMR vaccinations
1:44:36 | Brian’s talks about karmic debt and sums up

Plandemic Part 1: Banned on YouTube and social media


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