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Humble The Poet - Things No-One Else Can Teach Us: How To Learn From Losses

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Humble The Poet is the Canadian author, rapper, and spoken-word artist. In 2010 he left his job as an elementary school teacher to pursue poetry and music full-time, and today his videos have millions of views, and he is touring the world. He has written two books, “UNLEARN – ONE HUNDRED AND ONE SIMPLE TRUTHS FOR A BETTER LIFE” and his latest “THINGS NO-ONE ELSE CAN TEACH US” which shares raw and honest stories about how a change in mindset can radically alter one’s outlook.


00:00 Trailer.
02:42 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
03:46 Brian’s introduction.
04:19 Humble’s opinion of London and Londoners comparing it with New York and Los Angeles.
08:20 Salutary lesson learned in LA.
10:53 Praise for Toronto’s multicultural diversity and musical talent.
20:02 Humble’s definition of Spoken Word
30:40 What it is like being a first generation and how he started in spoken word.
1:05:30 When Humble first realised he had made a success.
1:06:08 Self-publishing his first book and the unlearning thoughts it contained.
1:12:15 Learning the art of self-promotion of his performances.
1:19:46 Why he didn’t pick the book it was expected he would and what it led to.
1:27:09 Writing Things No One Else Can Teach Us.
1:29:13 Coping with the explosion in his success in music, spoken word and writing.
1:43:29 How his second book differs from the first.
1:52:17 What Humble expects to be doing in the next five years.
1:59:32 What scares him.
2:00:01 What keeps him awake at night.
2:00:47 Does the present state of the world concern him?
2:10:11 Success secrets.
2:10:48 Brian’s summing up.


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