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Robert Kiyosaki - How To Survive The Coronavirus Recession


Preparing For A COVID-19 Market Crash

Robert Kiyosaki is the entrepreneur, educator, and investor, best known as the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad the #1 personal finance book of all time.

Right now the world is gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic and in global lockdown, with over 1 billion people confined to their homes, in order to stop spreading the coronavirus. Economic and personal anxiety and panic is running high.

Robert has challenged the way tens of millions of people around the world think about money. And he has become a passionate and outspoken advocate for financial education.

For years Robert has warned about the next crash and with global recession all but certain his insight on how individuals can protect themselves is more crucial now than ever before.


00:00 | Trailer.
02:21 | Brian’s introduction.
03:40 | It’s time to move on, move out of the industrial age into the information age.
06:22 | Why Robert Kiyosaki says the crisis is in your head.
09:01 | This could be a great moment for us as humanity if we choose to use it in the right way.
11:27 | The stimulus package is like socialism for the rich. What does God want done.
16:59 | The Federal Reserve Bank is not a Bank, not federal and there are no reserves, it is a midget.
20:21 | The harder you work for money the poorer you are going to get.
21:41 | How rich Robert Kiyosaki is being bailed out by the USA Government.
24:14 | This is metamorphosis in financial terms. It is up to you how you emerge from this.
27:05 | Make the connection between wealth, sense of purpose and spirituality, or batten down hatches and grab the last piece of toilet paper.
32:43 | How can people start to metamorphosis at this very moment.
38:01 | How Robert Kiyosaki and the rich are financially staying out of trouble
43:11 | Wake up – the rich hoard gold and silver like toilet paper and financial advisers tell middle class to stay in their investments, while the rich get out.
44:36 | What Robert Kiyosaki advises small entrepreneurs.
46:27 | If you don’t change your thoughts then you don’t change. Intellectual property is infinite.
58:29 | What Robert Kiyosaki thinks of Donald Trump’s leadership at the moment.
1:00:40 | Robert Kiyosaki’s advice to the millennials.
1:04:45 | Are you a wimp or a pimp?
1:06:31 | Brian’s summing up.


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