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Watch > Episode > Wes Watson - How To Survive COVID-19 Lockdown: Using My 10 Years Of Prison Experience To Thrive In Isolation

Wes Watson - How To Survive COVID-19 Lockdown: Using My 10 Years Of Prison Experience To Thrive In Isolation


10 Years In The California State Penitentiary

Wes Watson is an inspirational speaker, fitness trainer, and ex-convict.

Watson grew up in San Diego, California, skating, surfing and snowboarding, before getting involved in dealing marijuana. This began a downward spiral which ultimately led to Wes being given a 10 year term in the Californian penitentiary system.

After his release, he created Watson Fit, designed to free people from their mental prisons and smash their fitness goals. Watson’s YouTube channel, GP Penitentiary Life, inspires hundreds of thousands, with his detailed and gruesome stories inside the penal system.

Most of us look at prison as a place where people wind up after their life plans have failed. We look at it as the end of a story, not a beginning.

It doesn’t have to be, though.

For Wes Watson in California, the prison was the place where he developed himself. He transformed into a person who inspires millions through his YouTube channel full of life lessons as well as fitness training tips.


0:00 | Introduction
1:00 | Brian introduction
4:21 | Wes talks about how life is just one big gratitude test
8:38 | Flow states and being aligned
15:00 | Brian talks about his struggles with addiction and heroin and how the IRONMAN felt like a redemption for him
21:47 | Wes talks about life in prison and how he got validation through improving himself
28:45 | Wes digs in about operating at certain frequencies and how this resonates with certain people
33:01 | Self development, confidence and going after your true lives purpose
38:00 | Wes talks about his hero’s journey and why he’s successful now
44:30 | Planting seeds of abundance and how success is a byproduct of hard work
49:06 | Victimisation and how Wes deals with people who make excuses up
57:07 | Wes talks about how success is built on small wins and small steps everyday
1:02:23 | How Brian when faced with censorship didn’t give up and instead created something incredible
1:09:25 | What living in the moment actually is
1:14:25 | Wes talks about racism being the epitome of ignorance
1:20:30 | How chasing money never ends up making Wes happy
1:24:35 | Brian talks about his long term vision for London Real
1:28:41 | Brian talks about his appreciation of Wes Watson’s honesty and integrity
1:28:12 | Brian sums up


"Of the People, By the People, For the People"


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