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Watch > Episode > Mantak Chia - How To Channel Your Sexual Energy During COVID-19: Massage Your Organs & Relax Your Heart

Mantak Chia - How To Channel Your Sexual Energy During COVID-19: Massage Your Organs & Relax Your Heart


Understanding The Male & Female Multiple Orgasm

Mantak Chia, the Taoist Master, author, and healer, who teaches people how to empower themselves through the cultivation of their “chi” energy.

He is the creator of the Universal Healing Tao System, and has been named one of the 100 most Spiritually Influential people in the world.

Mantak is best known for your deep understanding of the power of sexual energy, through the male and female multiple orgasm. He also explains how we can activate our bio-battery known as the “second brain”, and teach the art of using our “chi” energy to heal ourselves.

With entire countries on lockdown, Mantak’s practices are providing guidance on how people can strengthen their immune system, manage emotions and transform stress into vitality.


00:00 | Trailer.
01:54 | Brian’s introduction.
03:23 | Thymus important for the heart and immune system during the Covid-19 crisis.
05:11 | Exercise to get more love into the heart and expel fear.
09:55 | Abdominal exercise which gives energy to the white blood cells to fight the virus.
12:58 | Mantak Chia’s advice to those who feel they cannot laugh now.
14:40 | Exercise to burn the fear and stress in your heart and send the love out to loved ones and friends.
16:13 | Producing and radiating into the room an ultraviolet aura of love which kills bacteria.
20:51 | Changing the aura in a room by your mood and what you say.
24:35 | The joy and energy young children can radiate.
25:35 | Brian talks about previous popular London Real appearances of Master Mantak Chia.
29:23 | How to smile to the organs moving from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic.
33:35 | Visualising the Coronavirus as a traitor to tell the heart and thymus to fight it.
37:12 | Channelling the white energy from moonlight on the back of the head to the perineum.
41:43 | Sunlight to the perineum and food aiding the white blood cells to fight coronavirus.
46:13 | Abdominal breathing exercise to charge the bio-battery and the second brain.
52:30 | Sexual energy is a good medicine from having arousal and orgasm, but not ejaculation.
56:11 | Mantak Chia explains how men can have orgasm without ejaculation.
1:00:28 | The three gates leading to ejaculation for women.
1:00:57 | Demonstration of the difference between the Taoist bumping technique and screwing technique.
1:08:08 | Exercise East Asian royal women and concubines were taught to make love to the king.
1:10:17 | Number of days by age needed between ejaculation to preserve energy and healthy life.
1:13:00 | Teaching children about sex.
1:16:35 | How sex is viewed differently by Eastern Taoism culture to Western culture.
1:19:29 | Using sexual energy during Coronavirus lockdown to improve immune system.
1:20:23 | Practicing the inner smile techniques will improve mental outlook.
1:22:53 | Using oxygen to turn into white energy to empower the white blood cells.
1:24:29 | Brian’s summing up.


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