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Watch > Episode > Elena Cardone - How To Build An Empire & Defend It During The Coronavirus Crisis & Recession

Elena Cardone - How To Build An Empire & Defend It During The Coronavirus Crisis & Recession


Actress, Author & Businesswoman

Elena Cardone, is an actress, author, businesswoman, personal development coach, and public speaker.

She currently co-hosts “The G&E Show” with her husband, Grant Cardone, the bestselling author, entrepreneur and investor. Together they have created a real estate portfolio of nearly one-billion dollars.

Today the global economy is being torn apart by the coronavirus pandemic and total citizen lockdown, and we are here to discuss how to structure your business in the new COVID-19 reality, how to expand when others contract, and how to recognise the opportunities that emerge from this crisis.

Elena’s new book “Build An Empire – How to Have it All”, lays the groundwork for creating, building, and defending AN EMPIRE.

It’s no good feeling to see what’s happening in the world right now. Despite the obvious pandemic that’s still going strong, there are the multiple collaterals that are stacking up as well. One of the most obvious is the effect that it has had on the economy. Not only are millions of people out of work, but a significant number of businesses are facing foreclosure or have already shut their doors because the virus has forced them to do so.

As a business owner, you’re rightfully concerned about the state of the economy and what it means for the state of your financial being. Your company means everything to you, and the last thing you want is to be listed as a failing business and forced to shut down.

Thankfully, this isn’t the end. You can still learn how to build wealth even when faced with these difficult challenges and make sure that you prosper now and in the years ahead.

Elena Cardone’s Business Advice in a Hectic World

There’s no better time like the present to ask for needed advice to keep your business afloat, and there’s no better person than Elena Cardone to give it to you.

Elena has a portfolio that has proven she can handle some of the most challenging business situations – and win. As an author, influencer, and growing business guru, she knows the ins and outs to not only surviving but thriving in the business world. Now, what she knows can help you to save your business and give you the tips for success you need.

Building Wealth

Elena’s expertise is a powerful tool that any business owner would want on their side. Listening to her you’ll learn about a range of topics that will benefit your company and yourself in a variety of ways, including general business facts, the use of social media for building wealth, and confidently building your entrepreneurship, as well as her famous 10x Ladies program created to boost female entrepreneurship.

With such a powerful figure and incredible information on your side, you have nothing to fear from this economic recession.

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00:00 | Trailer.
01:42 | Brian’s introduction.
02:27 | Brian’s praise for the 10X Business Growth Conference.
03:07 | People fantasize about having a partner like Elena Cardone.
04:19 | When Elena Cardone realised this was a serious situation and the action she needed to take.
12:38 | How Elena Cardone involves her children in the current situation.
15:09 | How she deals with her husband’s and her own emotional swings within the family.
21:58 | She has practised discipline for many years.
25:13 | Grant is a beast, how she deals with that in a husband.
33:01 | What happened to her and Grant in the 2098 crash.
36:44 | How Elena Cardone copes when people say they hate her husband.
43:19 | Elena Cardone is determined, thanks to their detractors, to make everything they have done thus far to look like child’s play.
44:51 | Why Elena Cardone thinks the result of this recession will be far worse than that in 2018,
46:25 | The biggest opportunity to take from this.
48:18 | How she rates her efforts to combat the difficulties posed by this crisis.
49:11 | Does Elena Cardone emulate her husband in taking herself to zero? Why they are keeping the Jet.
52:29 | How she is getting through this period.
53:53 | Advice to women at home with perhaps a stressed-out partner.
1:02:58 | Many people want their 10X lifestyle but don’t appreciate what it takes to make that happen.
1:05:31 | Her continued support for police and the first defenders.
1:07:29 | Elena Cardone challenges everyone to step up and make this the greatest renaissance on earth.
1:08:55 | Brian’s summing up.
1:12:47 | Elena Cardone’s final thoughts.
1:14:04 | How to learn more of Elena Cardone.


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