How To ACE Your TED Talk

I often get asked this question, “Brian, out of the 2000 videos you have created, what is the most important one?

I’ll give you a hint: it’s not Dorian Yates, Ido Portal, or Dan Pena.

The answer is simple. My TED Talk.

Strange answer right?

After publishing over 300 hours of video on London Real I thought that my brand, personality, and message would be pretty clear to the world. Boy was I dead wrong.

On February 27, 2015 sixteen minutes of video were published to YouTube, and it wasn’t even on the London Real channel.

This of course was my TED Talk which has now been viewed over 172,000 times (and counting).

So how did sixteen minutes trump 300 hours and turn me into Key Person of Influence?

The answer is simple yet complex.

You see when it comes to expressing who you are with enough emotion to really move the needle, it needs to be done in a highly condensed way and in a format with maximum social proof. And for this, TED is the perfect platform.

After my TED Talk was published I was inundated with guest booking requests, business partnerships, public speaking invitations, and much more.

And for the very first time ever I am going to teach YOU how to create, craft and deliver your own unbelievable TED Talk.

Introducing: How to ACE your TED Talk

A 10 week intensive learning experience with live calls, video modules, workbooks and private mentoring from me including:

  • How to choose the topic that resonates the most with your narrative and potential audience (and why most choose poorly)
  • How to open your TED Talk and get maximum interest (remember me at Sir Richard Branson’s Swiss chalet? Exactly.
  • How and why to keep your TED Talk short and powerful to give you maximum impact
  • Why working the stage and connecting with the audience gives maximum impact for the camera
  • How to use visual aids most effectively (and how not to ruin your talks with the wrong pictures and video)
  • The value of quoting KPIs in your talk (remember Steven Pressfield, Joe Rogan, Dan Pena, Prof Randy Pausch)
  • Detailed analysis and construction of your “Hero’s Journey”
  • How to successfully book your TED Talk (not as simple as it sounds but we have the playbook on how to lock it in)
  • Preparation – an 8 week guide to guarantee your success on the big day
  • Promotion – when the TED Talk is finished, now it’s time to really get to work and tell the world about it and become a KPI
  • And the best part is that I will be teaching this class with the man who coached me on my TED Talk, Mr. Alex Merry.

Alex is the curator of TEDxClapham here in London and has gone on to coach some of the best in the business including my good friend the Model and Trainer Roger Frampton who ABSOLUTELY KILLED his recent TED Talk in LemingtonSpa.

I want to put you on a fast-track and turn your ambition into action and finally deliver your very own TED Talk in 2016. I’ve done the hard work and I’ve tested all the strategies so you don’t have to.

But before I give you the link to apply, I want to make one thing clear – this course isn’t for everyone.

I must warn you, this class is going to be very intense and some of you won’t make it. It will require a significant investment of your time and money. This one-on-one training you will receive from us is unprecedented and extremely valuable.

I’m limiting this class to 10 people and in 2016 I plan on delivering 10 award-winning TED Talks to the world. So if you just want to tag along and learn how to master public speaking but never pull the trigger on your own TED Talk, this course isn’t for you.

If you don’t like being uncomfortable, going deep, and opening up about the true meaning of your life to the world, then this course isn’t for you.

If you’ve read this far and you’re not fired up with ideas and excited about where this might lead then this is definitely not the course for you.

And that’s fine, crafting and delivering a truly excellent TED Talk is only for people who truly aspire to become a Key Person of Influence (KPI).

But IF this email is resonating deeply with you and you’re at least mildly angry I haven’t offered this course sooner, then you might well be one of the ten people I’m looking to work with in the next three months.

If so, I want you to take action and fill in the form below to apply for How To ACE Your TED Talk.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. And I mean that very seriously.

I will be reading through every single application and hand-picking the men and women that I feel can become TED superstars.

Good luck!


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