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Great leaders articulate a vision.
A great vision must be communicated.
Let London Real help you craft yours.

At London Real Media we have spent the past five years articulating the visions of the greatest minds in the world.

TED speakers, politicians, astronauts, Rockstars, and CEOs of billion dollar companies have told their stories to over 50 million people via London Real.

We know how to tell a good story and understand how to craft and articulate a vision that impacts the decision makers who matter.

Whether it’s a future investor, a potential employee, your team or your customers, a powerful vision statement is the ultimate force multiplier.

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Planning Your Video

After completing a detailed twenty-question deep dive survey, we review your vision and core values to determine the best possible way to communicate that on video.  With our five years of experience speaking to over 400 visionaries, we understand how to execute the most effective strategies.

Setting up the Studio

The interview is set in the iconic London Real Studios which has hosted politicians, visionaries, TED speakers, Astronauts, and CEOs of billion dollar companies. This setting gives you the credibility to make your message truly resonate.

Shooting Your Video

With our experience over the past five years speaking to over 400 of the most important visionaries in the world, we understand how to create a truly compelling narrative. Our host Brian Rose will guide you through the process and craft an interview that is fun and natural.

“Brian is one of the most thoughtful and well-research interviewers I have ever spoken with and he runs a highly professional and sophisticated operation. I’ve been very impressed in my dealings with him and the whole London Real team.”

Jeff Lynn – CEO & Co-Founder of Seeders

Option #1: The Founder Vision

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Nothing is more captivating than a well spoken Founder or CEO clearly articulating their company vision in a rich video format to investors, employees and customers. At London Real Media this is our specialty. But a well crafted, inspirational video takes brainstorming, planning, and proper execution. This package includes:

  • A bespoke interview with Brian Rose that brings to life the company story and vision for the future.
  • Filming at the iconic London Real Studios by the production team responsible for creating interview videos that have been viewed over 50 million times.
  • Behind the scenes “b-roll” footage captured at the company HQ.
  • Delivering a 20minute video that can be used as a precursor to investment meetings, an employee hiring tool or as a means of generating new customers.
  • A package of smaller video clips suitable for social media.

Option #2: The Team Vision


A Founder Vision is captivating, but great products and companies are build by strong teams. The Team Vision package combines the Founder Vision with interviews with three other key employees including co­founders, head of product, or head of marketing. This package includes:

  • Everything from The Founder Vision package.
  • One day of shooting on premises, where Brian will interview the VP of Product, VP of Marketing any anyone else responsible for bringing the product to life.
  • Video footage of the product in action, customer testimonials (including thoughts from Brian himself) and detailed b­roll giving insight into life at company HQ.
  • A 30 minute ‘mini­documentary’ designed to create lifelong fans of the people, the product and the company plus a package of smaller video clips suitable for social media.

Option #3: Market Leader Media Creation & Advisory


At London Real we believe all great companies are media companies first and product companies second. Your message is king and it must be intentionally crafted and intelligently distributed. We help you plan, create and promote your own bespoke video content and then get the traction it needs on social media to place your company as the leading source of knowledge in your market niche. This package includes:

  • All video from the Founder and Team Vision packages optimised for social media release.
  • A full social media strategy assessment conducted by our team.
  • A planning session with the company’s top level stakeholders to align the content strategy with key business objectives.
  • Creation of six months worth of online video content and the implementation of a bespoke social media strategy targeting your markets and customers.

Option #4: Public Speaking & Management Training


Are your executives communicating your company vision effectively internally and externally?

Do they communicate at the highest level with their teams or could they use specific management training in order to get better results from your employees?

At London Real we have extensive experience in Public Speaking with our history delivering TED Talks and teaching executives how to communicate at the highest level.

We also deliver bespoke packages in management training and team building.

Your Hero's Journey: Crafting a Narrative

Our Founder Brian Rose recently spoke at Startup Grind Europe and explained the important concept of how all companies must “Start With Why.”

He shows how carefully crafting a “Hero’s Journey” will communicate an unforgettable narrative to customers, employees and investors.

“Brian Rose knows exactly how to craft an entertaining and authentic corporate narrative and then bring it to life in the studio. The team at London Real are consummate professionals who execute their work brilliantly and efficiently.”

Ben Wynn – CEO & Founder of DAD

We Create Great Vision Videos for Great Leaders


Tim Ferriss:
4-Hour Work Week


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Social Media Guru


Robert Kiyosaki:
Rich Dad, Poor Dad


Simon Sinek:
TED Speaker

What we do at London Real

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Brian Rose is the Founder and Host of London Real. Originally from America he is a graduate of M.I.T. and a former City banker.

London Real is the weekly video talk show that introduces you to the most fascinating people in the world. Over the past five years we have spoken to Members of Parliament, Hollywood Actors, Astronauts, TED Speakers, and CEOs of billion dollar companies.

We are featured daily on London Live television and have been watched over 50 million times. London Real Academy teaches executives how to craft and perform TED talks and how to accelerate their businesses by producing high quality video media and maximising social media platforms in order to rapidly scale their growth.