Dan Pena LIVE in London

Watch The $50 Billion Dollar Man & High Performance Executive Dan Peña Teach You The Secrets To:

  • Getting Comfortable Taking Risks
  • Increasing your Emotional Bank Account so the Financial Bank Account will Follow
  • Face Your Fears and Crush Your Self Doubts
  • Just F*cking Do It

Full Event - Dan Pena LIVE at The Ritz

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Teaser Clips

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[…] conversation Brian had with Dan Pena at Guthrie Castle in Scotland. Now it is time to return to the infamous Ritz seminar that Brian and Dan organised together in London.  Here you get a Dan with more edge and less […]

Bobby Liu


George Ashcroft

The superb Dan Pena is the reason why I am here. I watched the first interview that Brian conducted with Dan and the visible transformation in Brian since has been quite spectacular.

Steven Townsend

Boring macho bullshit. We have enough oil drilling money making no-soulers around. Sensational but boring to me. I’ve met plenty of rude bastads. If I met him I would have to knock him out.

Erik J/LaunchModule

You might have to walk through someone like me first, tough guy. Bizarre comment from you given all the peace and love new age hippie graphics on your profile. Cheers.

Michael Skye

Loved it! Will we see the Q&A session and the hot seats with Brian, etc.? I hope so!

Kenny Butler

I might have joined JUST to see Brian in the hot seat!!

Joe Salazar III

Just watched it all. I’m ready. First Priestly, then Sage, and now Pena. I’m ALL IN. No back up plan. I’m all in.

Kris Matt

so, what is the update so far?


Thanks Brian for organizing this event, Dan is trully great guy!

I wonder, what were those two books he is talking about at the start of the 1st part ? I mean the book, his mother has read and the second one was from Mr. N. Hill ? Which one ?

Thanks guys for reply.
All the best to all of you!

Benjamin J Harris

N. Hill (Napoleon Hill?) i believe would be “think and grow rich” but i can’t be certain as i haven’t read the book or seen his talk yet… just going on intuition 🙂

Stefan Martin

Really great videos. Where can i find the case study ?

Manuel Gonzales

Yeah that’s what I was thinking. Would be really interesting to wath those case studies if possible. Epic Event!

Marie-Judith Jean-Louis

For those interested in learning more from Dan Peña, one of his mentees organized ALL of his material online. 🙂


I’ve warmed a lot to good old Dan since these uploads. He knows what he’s talking about alright!


Will we be getting the full event soon?

Brian Rose

Hi Neil more pieces are coming…

Cem Yildiz

More Dan Pena please! This guy loves the C word!

Brian Rose

ha ha indeed I think Dan invented the C word!