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Watch > Episode > Ed Dowd - Excess Deaths, State Control & Why RFK Jr. Can Win The Democratic Presidential Race

Ed Dowd - Excess Deaths, State Control & Why RFK Jr. Can Win The Democratic Presidential Race


Founder of Phinance Technologies

Today’s live stream features one of our most popular and talked about guests, Ed Dowd, whose revelatory analysis of the data surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine rollout garnered enormous attention and continues to place him under the spotlight of the censorship industrial complex.

Ed has made a career out of deciphering what’s true and absolute in order to better serve the financial investments he made as one of Wall Street’s leading hedge fund gurus.

As a former equity portfolio manager and founding partner of the global macro alternative investment firm, Phinance Technologies, Ed has spent his working life on Wall Street, specialising in both the credit and equity markets.

Fresh out of college, Ed’s interest in the world of finance saw him take up a position at HSBC, the largest bank in Europe, selling bonds as an institutional fixed-income salesperson. Ed describes it as a five-year education in what really happens in the capital markets, as opposed to the “garbage” you learn in the textbooks.

Ed went on to spend time as an Equity Research Associate with Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette, before serving as Managing Director and Equity Portfolio Manager at the world’s largest asset management firm, BlackRock. Ed oversaw a $2 billion fund that grew to $14 billion during a prosperous ten years with the firm.

Ed understands the markets, Wall Street and the systems at play better than most and he believes we are at the beginning of a deflationary cycle, and embroiled in a recession that will only continue to get worse.

Ed also warns that a global financial collapse is a mathematical certainty, and the next 24 months will be pivotal as regional banks disappear and the big players remain, paving the way for a central bank digital currency.

“The dollar is a fiat debt-based credit system. For every dollar created, there’s an associated one-dollar debt. It needs constant credit creation to keep it going. The reason they want to introduce the CBDC is because they know that we’re at the end of this epic supercycle debt bubble and it’s gonna implode whether they want it to or not.”

This knowledge and experience saw Ed’s life take a full 180 back in March 2020 and then only gathered pace in the ensuing months as Ed questioned the motive around vaccine passports and started looking more closely at the use of data in understanding the realities of the Covid pandemic.

Ed wrote a book, “Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022” which explores in the most intricate detail why we have seen a sudden surge of deaths in working-age people that, most significantly, were not attributed to Covid-19.

Ed found that insurance companies were seeing a 40% increase in excess mortality among working-age adults during the fourth quarter of 2021. Millennials aged 25 to 44 had an 84% increase in excess mortality in that same timeframe. And most significantly, since the rollout of the vaccine the number of Americans who claim to be disabled has risen by at least 10%.

Ed believes that Covid-19 provided cover for central banks and governments, allowing them to temporarily hide the reality that the financial system is crashing. It also allowed for the governments to deflect from the fallout of food shortages, energy price rises and failing finance systems.

Ed became obsessed with the data around excess mortality and his ability and knowledge allowed him to run the numbers, analyse statistics and seek out evidence that was actually hiding in plain sight.

Ed has taken the brave decision to put himself out there, to share the data that he believes has far reaching consequences but that ultimately the data itself and the sudden deaths of so many young and healthy people should be a major and immediate public health concern.

Of course Ed has found himself on the wrong side of a censorship war and in making public his opinions and concerns has seen his life take on a brand new direction. His expertise and attention to detail have seen him recently positioned as co-treasurer for Robert F Kennedy’s presidential push and by all accounts that campaign is hitting home.

“The biggest trend emerging is TRUTH & INTEGRITY. The folks exhibiting it today will be the future leaders of tomorrow as the current system of leaders propping it up are exposed. It’s a tiny trend now but will grow.”

Ed is a serious guy who knows his stuff and I can’t wait to get his thoughts on everything that is happening, as we enter a deflationary period and the rollout of a CBDC comes to fruition.

As well as taking a deeper dive into the shocking statistics he’s uncovered during his research, Ed will also explain how he has found himself the target of censorship and propaganda while attempts to take down his website have, so far, failed.

This is going to be a biggy, so strap yourselves in and share this message with all like-minded friends and family.

“I predicted vaccine passports, I predicted central bank digital currency, I predicted mandates, and they all came to pass, I was called a crazy conspiracy theorist in 2020…”


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  1. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a fearless truth speaker in the Presidential race
  2. Do vaccine mandates cause chronic illness?
  3. The alarming rise in sudden deaths is a disturbing trend in the US and UK
  4. Why are we addressing the health problems affecting employment?
  5. Data from Pfizer clinical trials shows work absence and time lost as injuries
  6. The pandemic is the biggest multi-system fraud in history
  7. More people are growing aware of an unsettling reality
  8. The Covid-19 Agenda
  9. The Corporate-Government alliance in pandemic propaganda
  10. The government will leverage CBDCs & Universal Basic Income as Solutions for the current crisis
  11. The Power of A.I. – Are we unleashing human potential or evil?
  12. The looming threat of social unrest
  13. From Woke to Freak – The shift in social movements
  14. Is Elon Musk doing the right things?
  15. Embrace the changing world without fear


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