Yung Pueblo – Self-Love

Diego Perez is the meditator, writer, and speaker known as Yung Pueblo.Originally from Ecuador, he moved to Boston as a child and soon became involved in activism, campaigning for personal liberation.

His message of self-healing, self-love and the wisdom that comes, with truly knowing ourselves now reaches hundreds of thousands on social media.His book Inward is an Amazon bestseller, and he now travels the world helping people to find inner peace and mental clarity.

00:00 Trailer.

02:43 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.

03:49 Brian’s introduction.

04:31 Yung’s impression of London.

05:28 How Brian first became aware of the work of Yung Pueblo.

09:00 Example of Yung’s posts on Instagram and why he wrote them.

16:00 People are asking themselves how do I find happiness and feel good inside myself.

17:47 Seeking positivity in your life on Instagram.

20:37 Social media is a way for humanity to have a conversation with itself.

27:54 The practices of the past, religious in origin, that brought people together.

29:40 Emotional history affects your daily behaviour.

35:40 The inner work people can do, including meditation, silent retreats, yoga, psychiatry, psychedelics.

50:09 What Yung means by goals versus craving, understanding of which was a critical illumination for him.

1:02:28 Is there any correlation between pleasure, happiness, meaning, calmness and freedom?

1:05:32 Human habit versus human nature.

1:09:13 When the world is facing massive challenges, opportunities for self-transformation have appeared.

1:10:14 Yung’s concerns for the world’s future.

1:17:22 I am my strongest when I’m calm.  Yung elaborates about anxiety.

1:21:03 The past is a lens through which you see things.

1:23:40 How to start to meditate.

1:26:24 Yung’s views on addictions and describes his own addictions.

1:41:55 Why Diego Perez chose the pseudonym Yung Pueblo.

1:45:29 What life looks life five years from now for Yung Pueblo.

1:48:06 His sharing of his thoughtful words has grown quickly without hard marketing.

1:50:16 Yung’s daily practice.

1:52:08 His superpower.

1:53:55 Best and worst days of his life.

1:57:16 What scares Yung.

1:58:31 What we would be surprised to learn about Yung.

2:00:44 What keeps him awake at night.

2:02:44 Phone call to the 20 years old Diego Perez.

2:03:36 Success secrets …

2:04:32 …

2:04:52 Brian’s summing up.

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Amazing talk Power words! Thank you


Bryan, thank you for this interview with Yung Pueblo. His observation that”the mind doesn’t like the present moment” was striking. I wish you had asked him to expand on this a bit, given all the rage now about “the power of now.” Yet again, I know it’s not possible to question every possible key idea, so thanks again for presenting this to us.


Loved this interview!


Brian you really ought to interview Eckhart Tolle – he’s amazing


Thank you so much, amazing interview


Meditating for seven whole years….wow.