Wim Hof – Success Secrets

Wim’s tips are fascinating, because he much more than a guy who fights the cold – he has a big vision about changing the world!
Wim talks about how:
  • He clarified his goals
  • He wants to eradicate disease and depression
  • His mission is to help children everywhere
  • He wants to leave a legacy of new ideas
  • Our need for money is a “substitute for fear”
  • Learning and creating are important
  • His ultimate goal is getting final proof of the body-mind connection
  • Spirituality is when two minds join to create something bigger

Wim talks a lot about health, strength and happiness, and he says money should not be the focus of our lives. Do you agree? Do you think we need money to achieve these goals or not?

Leave me a comment. I’m interested to know your thoughts!!

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Intro.. Wim Wof :-p Brilliant spirit of a man.

Dominik Berger

Truly inspirational – Wim Hof sums life up in three easy words: happy, healthy & strong ???

Latoya T

Many think the way to happiness and health is money. But I agree Wim Hof, focus on being or attaining happiness, health and strength. Not only will that create more peace within you, it will allow success in all areas of ones life to flow.

Carlos Rebelo
One of the trainers I’ve met once told me that money is an amplifier, thus it should not be our focus. I believe that money plays his part namely when we need to “scale up” our vision and reach a bigger audience, as Wim Hof is doing. As an entrepreneur I’ve also learned that big things can be accomplished with not that much money, as a matter of fact usually it is important not to rely on a “brute force money” strategy on early stages, because you need to learn and thrive through the adversities…you need to walk the walk.… Read more »
Brunino Condello

strength comes from simplicity and authenticity – making me re evaluate my values

Elias Andrinopoulos

Amazing. Fantastic discussion!!