Will Young – Who I Am

Will Young was the first winner of the worldwide Pop Idol franchise and now the owner of 2 BRIT awards from 12 nominations. He has written 3 books and acted in film, television and on stage where he has been nominated for the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor in a Musical.

Will’s Triple Platinum single “Evergreen” is the biggest selling song of the 2000s and the 14th best-selling of all time in the UK


00:00 Trailer.
02:09 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:27 Brian’s introduction.
06:14 2002, Will enters Pop Idol show with an innate sense of the future.
09:14 Boot camp for how to be a pop star.
10:13 Limited past experience.
12:25 Memories of sharing the joy of the 20 week Pop Idol experience.
15:12 When Will answered back to Simon Cowell, one of the biggest moments of his life.
15:54 Why he did it.
18:43 Is Simon Cowell a bully?
20:52 Touring with others from the show and coming out.
23:27 Publicly coming out back in 2002.
26:20 Being outspoken on LGBT issues for the younger generation.
30:56 Negative and positive decisions following winning Pop Idol.
33:05 Not managing his ego.
33:50 Is it possible to make music if not happy?
34:31 I think you are pretty unlikeable, Lois Evans tells Will.
35:43 How he never has a bad day at work.
37:54 Using the tennis ball technique.
39:20 True connection with the audience is a spiritual feeling.
42:06 Musicians sometimes feel a performance is an out of body experience.
43:00 PTSD, trauma, depersonalization, derealisation and hypervigilance suffering.
51:26 Limited benefit of medication.
53:08 Experiential therapies.
55:41 Will’s other artistic endeavours in film and a play.
59:29 Difference between performing in concert as yourself and acting a part in the theatre.
1:01:04 Why Will feels more vulnerable in the pop world than acting in a play.
1:03:06 How the music industry today compares to 2002.
1:09:08 How Conor McGregor moves astonishes Will and introduced him to Muay Thai.
1:10:51Why Will would like to eradicate the word failure.
1:15:34 Learning how the voice can be a tool to link us to our personalities.
1:19:19 Considering doing a Ted Talk.
1:20:14 What Will would like the next five years to hold for him.
1:21:16 A love for teaching.
1:23:46 Does he still need to have another Number One Album?
1:26:10 Phone call to the 20 year old Will Young.
1:27:41 Best advice ever received.
1:28:35 Relationship with parents.
1:29:50 Advice to the young person who wants to be like him.
1:31:19 Brian’s summing up.