Vytas SunSpiral – Nasa Robot Man

Dr. Vytas SunSpiral of NASA gives a lecture in Lausanne, Switzerland about Intelligent Robotics and joins us to talk about how he uses human physiology and movement in his designs, why the study of animals can help him construct better robots, how collision avoidance isn’t perfectly possible in the real world, and how martial arts and gymnastics inspire his creations.

“The only reason to have a brain is to control motion, originally.” – Vytas (01:33)

“Animals that are moving change their relationship to gravity all the time.” – Vytas (03:15)

“Collision avoidance isn’t perfectly possible in the real world, there are other actors out there.” – Vytas (04:03)

“You’ve all heard of the chicken with its head cut off, and it’s a funny joke but it’s real.” – Vytas (05:27)

“This is where I get to brag about the work you do here [at EPFL].” – Vytas (06:16)

“How do you find humans inspire your robotic work?” – Brian (07:09)

“To get the disruptive ‘game changing’ ideas you have to attack the problem from a different angle.” – Vytas (09:17)

“Are you trying to build robotics that are going to land on Mars someday?” – Brian (11:20)

“I used to do a lot of medieval martial arts and I always used the Sun as a symbol on my shield.” – Vytas (18:31)

compiled by @zander-bylund.

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