Timothy Shieff – Professional Kid

When I chart the evolution of Timothy Shieff, I chart the evolution of myself.  For the past 18 months I have watched this young man grow from a short-haired freerunner into a seasoned, spiritual sage.  At the same time I too have grown into my own skin, embracing my role as the host of London Real and allowing into my heart the love and positive energy I get every day from all of you around the world.  Tim recognises this change in me and wasn’t shy about pointing it out!

Just a few days after this interview Tim was arrested in a peaceful protest at the Climate Change March in London as he scaled a building in an anonymous mask.  Mr. Shieff talks the talk and walks the walk.  Would we expect anything different from him?

Tim is first and foremost a vegan, a cause that he has embraced wholeheartedly and one that he pursues relentlessly, often times in the face of harsh criticism.  But for Tim veganism is a noble cause, a movement that in his mind the world must accept sooner or later.  This genuine, selfless spirit makes his arguments so compelling.

Big love and much peace to you Timothy Shieff, I look forward to doing this again in 2016.

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Julie Tu
Julie Tu

Awesome interview! From keeping your vibration high to some advice to use a grounding mat to release the negativity after a day of working on your computer. Also, it really made me think twice about eating meat. This is more inspiring than the other fitness commentators because he really engages the mind — and talk about the spiritual aspects of how he approaches his decisions. If more people did this, we’d have better role models for kids.

Denys Podlesny

How has nobody left a comment? Tim, your SpiritOfTim website rocks. And your bits of wisdom lead to greater implications then you attempt to say in this interview. Language fails you often I feel, Me To. =) I don’t think I’ve seen anyone before, who to me is as relatable, who speaks so simply(no offence intended), without being pushy, without using rhetorical tactics, with such a caliber of messages and things to share. And Brian you, professional pushy tank =P, aced it. Respect, Men. I’m not a vegan, I’ve loved the meats all my life. . . . . But… Read more »