Timothy Oulton – Success Secrets

Timothy is a perfect example of how to make the intersection of two established genres into a new original product.

In fact, he describes himself as “a product guy”, rather than a designer, and you’ll find out why in this section.

Timothy talks about how:

  • Goal-setting is crucial
  • Committing things to paper WORKS
  • He prefers creative freedom to routines
  • Success is still a work in progress for him
  • Fulfillment is his idea of success
  • There’s always room for growth
  • He prefers the small business mindset
  • The Rolling Stones stay successful
  • He’s not artist but he IS creative

Timothy says he doesn’t do routines, and it’s a controversial topic in the success arena. I want to know are you a routine person, or do you prefer the creative freedom of a different path each day? Which is more effective for you?

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Dominic Jones

More fickle kind of bingeing.
The Rolling Stones. Superb!

Dominic Jones

Timothy’s success secrets are indeed secret.
The video is not playable on Explorer or Chrome on my PC.
Any suggestions?
Cheers Dom 🙂


Thanks for flagging this, Dominic – now amended, enjoy!

Dominic Jones

Thank you :―)