Tim Freke – The Mystery Experience

Standup philosopher and author Tim Freke joins us to discuss his new book The Mystery Experience, why spirituality comes with so much baggage, how he wants to make philosophy sexy, why if we don’t feel curious then we’re not really conscious, and how the nature of reality is fundamentally paradoxical.

“Philosophy is fun, I wanted to make philosophy sexy, I wanted to make it something enjoyable.” Tim – (01:30)

“The problem with spirituality is it comes with so much baggage.” – Tim (02:02)

“Socrates is a big hero of mine because he knew he knew nothing.” – Tim (3:59)

“If we don’t feel curious then we’re not really conscious. That’s really what London Real is all about.” – Brian (05:58)

“When people face death, suddenly they wake up to oh my God I’m alive.” – Tim (09:22)

“You first need to be in love with being.” – Sonia (10:33)

“My first awakening happened when I was 12, and now I’ve been following it for four decades.” Tim (11:37)

“The nature of reality as I have come to understand it is that it’s fundamentally paradoxical.” – Tim (17:54)

“When you dream at night you can see that your identity is paradoxical, if you dream lucidly.” – Tim (19:00)

“I don’t have to be a victim of this treadmill of thoughts that seems to be living me like a robot, and you can step away from that.” – Sonia (30:10)

“You can call it mediation, it’s a good word, but it comes with so much baggage.” – Tim (33:41)

“Over time you’ll be able to get this beautiful stillness that is so nourishing and healing for our souls.” Sonia (37:00)

“The first step is stop going with the flow. Step out of it and become conscious of it and choose a different direction.” – Tim (41:05)

“L. Ron Hubbard said, ‘The way to make a million dollars is to start a religion’, and I was wondering if that’s what you’re trying to do?” – Brian (50:53)

“It looks very lonely being L. Ron Hubbard.” – Tim (51:17)

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Sylvie Fernandez Robles

‘We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.’

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Sylvie Fernandez Robles

Most interested, thank you Brian, spot on!…
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Dance through life..
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