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Gustaf Halldin

Sound like a great book, and its on audio as well at Audible, in a Tim Ferriss production.

Joshua Martinez
Joshua Martinez

1. Lose 40 lbs by January 31 2016
2. Start taking CLEP tests to graduate faster
3.Start writing everyday and post something on Medium by August 1 2015

charlotte meyer

1. Get better Clairty on my long range goals
2. Draw Up an outline of projects and action steps
3. keep a balanced assessment of well rounded goal objectives
4. Take dramatic action to bring order to my chaotic house so it looks like a magazine cover!
5. Meditate with consistency
6. Meet time frames to achieve my short term goals


Taking action on:
1. Start a blog (already started periscope) 🙂
2. Stick to my meditation and yoga classes on saturdays (already paid a 2 months plan)
3. Do more french reading outloud to develop more pronunciation (half hour 3 days a week)

Puneet Jain

My 3 things:
1.Start my business.
2.Eat healthy, Workout and Meditate daily.
3.Make a schedule and stick to it.

Kevin Sturm
Kevin Sturm

What an excellent read! This is definitely one to re-read regularly. 1. Get top grades at postgraduate school this fall/winter semester. I will stick to a fixed weekly learning schedule. I’ll prepare for all the lectures in advance and repeat the stuff afterwards by writing an abstract. 2. Beat a medical condition I had for about a year now that has hindered me on performing at my very best since. I’ll continue working out with my trainer, eat clean, get enough sleep and successfully taper and stay off any medication I was put on. 3. Meditate on a daily basis… Read more »


1. Pitch and close a million dollar deal in the niche I am in. I have two huge buyers on the hook and I have to be relentless and amazing so that I can’t be ignored and get my pitch in front of them. Then I have to be completely prepared so that I close. 2. Meditate daily. This will help me become more present in my interactions. By being 100% present with anyone and everyone I speak with, I won’t be able to be ignored. I will be completely focused on them and learning about them. 3. Focus on… Read more »

Matt Tamas
Matt Tamas

1. Become a Key Person of Influence as a Personal Security Consultant specializing in Self Protection for Fortune 500 Executives and High Net Worth Individuals/Families by finishing my website and book within the next 2 weeks and continue building relationships and connections to help this process. 2. In addition to being a KPI I am going to be Oversubscribed, where an abundance of companies and high net worth people contact me for my consulting services and see me as a highly valuable service that they can’t live without! 3. Get a Mentor who is unbelievably successful and can push me… Read more »


The man in the area quote by Roosevelt is perfect for all situations!
1. Continue growing “New York Real” by filming and posting interviews and vlogs: Keep a production calendar to keep track of progress. Challenge myself with seemingly impossible “scary” ideas.
2. Be a better musician for my band Late Cambrian: Have separate weekly practices for keyboard and vocals outside of regular band pratice.
3. Be early and not late: I gotta completely get rid of my lateness problem! Trying to fit too many things in a day. I will aim at arriving 20 mins early to every appointment.
Hold me accountable tribe!

Martin Absalon

1. Kindle Business running on complete automation I’m continuing with Kindle Mentor program for progressing faster, keeping myself accountable and learning new business skills. I’ll continue to work 70 – 100 hours a week. 2. Starting and growing my gardening brand that is focused selling in Amazon I will get the most of mentor and mastermind program I have with this business and I will get one more mentor. I will implement the strategies as fast as possible. I’ll continue to work 70 – 100 hours a week. I will build a team of intense players to expand my reach… Read more »