Steve Maxwell – Hotel Workout

This week’s episode is one of my all time favourites. Instead of our usual setup in the leather chairs at London Real Studios, I met Steve Maxwell at his hotel room to go through his daily workout.
For those of you who don’t know Steve Maxwell, he is one of my favourite people. He’s a living legend. Not only is he a 64 year old Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, but he travels the world as a nomad teaching people how to move, breathe, and think.
With a twinkle in his eye, Steve shares with us his secrets to living a life of vitality – including literally stripping down and doing his favourite health promotion technique.
Watch us discuss:
– How he trained with the Gracie family before the UFC existed
– How to stay fit, any place and time.
– Steve’s daily anti-ageing techniques – including some Chi Qong and Russian Slavic Health Systems
– Why sticking your tongue out and crossing your eyes is good for your immune system
– How Steve was able to go from severely near sighted to throwing his glasses away
– Why he swishes coconut oil for 20 min in his mouth
– How to keep your sexual organs healthy and preserve your youth and vitality
– Why he only eats two meals a day
– Why he believes that exercise takes no vacation

00:00 Trailer.
03:02.Welcome to Steve’s hotel room.
05:32 Why this is the fourth time Steve has been on London Real.
06:42 Steve’s morning routine starts in bed.
29:16 Moving on to Steve’s bathroom routine.
45:44 9am Steve goes out to walk, or to train, all before breakfast.
48:34 Being away from your gym is no excuse, Steve’s backpack holds exercise equipment.
55:08 Brian does 15 minute circuit and feels as though every muscle set has been slammed.
1:30:43 Short, but effective and safe set of strength building exercises for life.
1:34:27 It’s mental discipline, you’ve got to control the fear in your mind.
1:35:23 Benefits of extended isometrics.
1:36:22 This type of exercise may not sexy, nor fun, but it has outlasted short lived trends.
1:38:16 Why Steve believes his father is alive at 93 when his eight siblings died by 73.
1:39:21 Steve makes his own adaptable exercise equipment.
1:44:14 Brian’s summing up.

Steve Maxwell links:
Steve Maxwell website
Steve Maxwell on Twitter
Steve Maxwell on Facebook
Steve Maxwell on YouTube
Steve Maxwell on Instagram
Steve Maxwell on Wikipedia

Topics discussed:
Brazilian jiu jitsu
Gracie family
Take off your Glasses and See by Jacob Liberman
Kensuke Miyagi
Prusik (knot)
Vision Quest (film)
Indian Club

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Alex Pointon

Great content, unfortunately I am having and have historically had great difficulty getting the video to load and play. For me it can really get in the way of what is otherwise a very informative and useful experience. From seeing others comments on this and other videos I don’t think im the only one who has these issues. Please can we have issues with the imbedded player addressed.

psi x7
psi x7

worth watching, one set was enough


Very interesting..

Dominic Jones

Very interesting. Thank you for sharing.


Quality interview/workout that started out a bit strange and quite frankly if someone was watching in fast motion, might say WTF and get the wrong idea (with Brian going to a hotel room, and then they’re both in boxers, until the skin brushes come out, haha). Seriously though, he’s interesting and funny guy. Looks great for 65. Original Play Station! haha! I’ve personally been tongue scraping for a long time and enjoy it. I also have tried a neti pot and they’re very effective. I should buy one. When I was a flight attendant living in hotels basically, I would… Read more »


Are there any instructions/dimensions available for building his homemade TRX?

Chris Gomez


Ante Strika

What is the orange belt product/thing?


Is there the option of Chromecast viewing so I can beam it over to the BIG screen.
Many thanks!


Streaming issues some sequences repeat a few times over

John N

I don’t understand why he wouldn’t just use the hotel gym.

What is the female version of massaging sexual organs ?


As a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach, I must say thart I’m a bit surprised Steve went straight into high impact skipping before he even mobilised the spine or joints with synovial fluid, (high impact is any exercise in which both feet are off the ground at the same time) as this is a big no no. Also sit ups for core is highly problamatic for the lumbar, and proven as not effective. A more effective approach for core, is by doing “anti” rotation-flexion,lateral,extention exercises which will target all the core muscles, yet maintain a neutral spine. I… Read more »


Steve Maxwell is very real. I appreciate his approach to health and fitness greatly. Great video !


my mentor

Jen Bond

Awesome! Great to hear and see it from the master himself! Very generous sharing of experience and lessons he has learned.


Brian you’re 40 bro Stop Shaving your chest


I totally get this man Steve Maxwell.. His connection to what he says and does shines through, if that makes sense? I work away and travel to some degree around the world. I have had to use similar techniques to stay in shape,(hotel room workouts) + Good food, moderate exercise , things that promote health first and foremost. Tai chi, qi gong, standing, breathing, cold therapy etc etc. Love it.. Many many thanks for this video..


great stuff. where can i find the indian club handles?


Fantastic video Brian, so informative and Steve is so knowledgeable yet so modest.