Steve Maxwell – Breathe

Steve Maxwell is an American fitness coach, physical educator, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor. Maxwell was named one of the top 100 trainers in the United States by Men’s Journal.

Steve becomes only the second guest to return to London Real for the 3rd time (Graham Hancock being the other)!

This time he has some fascinating things to say about breathing (you’re probably doing it wrong).

Steve claims we have literally forgotten how to move and suggests we study toddlers in order to “practice being a good human”.

He also has some very strong opinions on how it takes reaching a certain age to understand what kind of physical work is really useful and sustainable. Ido Portal fans beware!

We go into the evolution of MMA and UFC, Steve’s inspiring daily affirmations, and why he sets “intentions” instead of goals.

And yes he is still living out of his backpack. In fact it has got even smaller!

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite part of the episode was.

00:00 Trailer.
02:13 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
06:11 Brian’s Introduction.
07:09 Steve’s nomadic lifestyle.
10:02 Travelling light.
11:37 The accumulation mind-set.
14:45 What Steve has learned from his travels over the past year.
17:18 Why Steve stopped owning guns.
18:51 Steve loves Australia and its people.
20:29 Breath work, where he learned various techniques.
27:03 How he tests and teaches students.
29:09 Why Steve tapes his mouth.
31:10 Swedish dry brush technique.
32:44 Different breathing patterns.
37:26 The Benefits of breathing technique in training.
40:58 Health and fitness industry and diets are based on fear, fear of dying.
46:54 How Steve views his own death.
47:45 Many people hate their lives, but can’t find a way to change that.
48:59 Calmness from breath techniques allows you to get in touch with your higher mind.
50:19 How Steve deals with negative thoughts. His positive affirmations.
55:24 Movement techniques. Is Brian convinced of the argument?
1:08:35 Memory of Hélio Gracie.
1:11:10 Perspective on the UFC
1:17:56 Steve’s view of Conor McGregor.
1:20:14 Present state of MMA
1:22:30 Failure is just a concept.
1:26:28 Where Steve will be travelling to in the coming year.
1:29:17 What is happening in the USA at the moment?
1:34:48 Why Steve visits an astrological predictor.
1:42:58 Success Secrets
1:43:40 Steve’s intention for some time in the future.
1:46:16 Intentions not goals.
1:53:15 Phone call to the 20 year old Steve Maxwell.
1:55:03 Best advice ever received.
1:56:45 Advice to the 20 year old who has dreams.
1:57:40 Brian’s summing up.
1:59:02 Steve’s new website, baby crawling video and upcoming trainings.

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Really interesting, extremely logical, very engaging….. thanks 🙏


Thank you for bringing Steve!!!


that was awesome…great to be sure! Thankyou both for sharing…for creating this portal, and for talking about so many important things that come from so much experience but now with that gentle power and goodness we are all seeking! It’s synchronistic at so many levels!

Oskar Gawlik

Why DA fuck you talk about politics? i don’t give a flying fuck about it. This is a health interview. Don’t waste people time.


Excellent interview, wonderdul and very knowledgeable


Is there any way this vid can be found as a podcast? Not on an apple services type platform? Thanks 🙂


Thanks for having me on board of LRA, Mr. Brian and team. What a first video to start of with you people, truly. What a personality, Steve Maxwell. Thriving for positivity, intentions over goals, and the importance of movements are my important takes from this interview. Definately watching the first interview soon after I take notes of all the names, words, books mentioned in the conversation. I had learnt a few important lessons from a book called “The Science of Breath” by Yogi Ramachakra several years back to rediscover rythmic physiological function of this electro bio-chemical body I am encased.… Read more »


Great great interview, great insights! I didn’t quite get the name of the technique for body realignment where he went to align his septum. Can you write it down please? Many thanks and look forward for the next interview with Steve

Enio Silva

Great Interview Great messages and lesson’s, Brian and Steve you thank for this i Salute you both Oss. . .??

Matt W
Matt W

Awesome. Really good points here.
It really helps to simplify your life.
Simplifying helps you to see things more clearly.
The more you chase things, the more likely you are to be unhappy.
Being nomadic and adventurous, is great for certain people.
Letting things go is oftentimes, better for your well being than forcing situations.
I like it! Great interview

Dominic Jones

Excellent as to be expected. Thank you 🙂

James Buechler

To see the second half of this great interview I clicked on the full episode link and then I signed in on Facebook but then the full episode on my cell phone I am watching and it does not allow me to see the bar on the bottom so that I can advance the video to the second part.

Ivo-Ivan Powerlove Yamalieff

true piece of wisdom. it’s rare to see a whole episode that fully engages my attention. LOL! The man is a true inspiration for those who resonate with the message. A true practical guy. Philosophy tested over the decades for fully practical reasons. I did not see any signs of “futile left brain exercise”.

Israel Cortes
Israel Cortes

I have been to several countries and we all have so many things in common. We want a good education, good job, our children are healthy and they will be better off than you were. The theme is all the same.

Stephen Briggs

So many interesting points made by Steve. I found his comments re Basic Movement Patterns intriguing and have found these training movements being used by numerous gymnasiums the past 10 to 15 years or so.

Rob Dellinger

Not all who wander are lost, for sure. Steve’s nomadic wanderings make for quite an enviable lifestyle. They also make for a gripping interview. Steve is most compelling when he sticks to what he knows best – exercise, mobility, baby training, martial arts, mastering the breath. However, even when he veers off into New Age woo-woo (e.g., astrological predictions, the law of attraction, Universal Mind), it’s fascinating because it’s all part of what makes him uniquely Steve Maxwell. Steve is one of London Real’s most captivating guests. I’m glad to hear he’ll be back for round 4.

Jordan Crow-Stewart
Jordan Crow-Stewart

I’m just commenting to be in with a chance of winning that t-shirt!? Brian and Steve are my idols even if I don’t win!

Matt Angiono

Steve brought up so many great points in this episode! I am now trying all kinds of crazy breathing techniques, and used it while I carried a couple rocks up to Royal Arch in Boulder today. I felt so much stronger while focusing on triangular/square breathing while making the climb (quite steep for several miles). I have a lot more work to do, but I really appreciate this!

frank oconnell
frank oconnell

steve is such a poor listener, but he has some good points as well. a free spirit

Aria Zoner

“A person who lives under the roof of a house is lost if their soul is not at home in their body. A person who roams and may very well be lost, will always be home if their at peace in their body.” – Aria Zoner