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Step 5 – Introductory Vlog

Okay, we’re making serious progress here. 

You’re taking action, but now it’s time to up the ante!

Next up, watch this clip from our Webinar on How To Broadcast Yourself.

Broadcasting Yourself

As you can see it’s about action, again. There’s always some reason you can find not to put yourself out there, but the first step should always be to GET STARTED.

So the next challenge I’m giving you is to film a vlog and post it on the Academy member’s Facebook Group.

For some of you this is going to be more natural than others. But guys, if I can do it, believe me YOU can do it.

Don’t worry about being perfect, don’t worry about the quality, just get filming.

Introduce yourself, tell us what you do, what your goals are and what your favourite London Real episode is.

If you want some examples of other Academy members who have passed this challenge take a look at this AWESOME montage.

I love this part, because it’s a breakthrough moment and gets you out of your comfort zone. Also, I get to meet you and see your face!

Don’t forget to leave me a comment with your vlog embedded so I know you’re ready for the next challenge

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