Step 3 – SMART Goals

Nice work on the meditation, I’m loving the enthusiasm!

The action doesn’t stop there, though, it’s time for your next step.

First off, I want you to watch this quick clip from the Webinar I did on How To Set Track & Achieve Your Goals.

Introduction To SMART Goals

Do you get the difference between a SMART goal and a goal that’s just a “great idea”?

The key ideas here are action and measurability. If you don’t break your goals down into actionable, time-related steps, then they’re not really goals, they’re just daydreams.

Here’s a quick reminder of what a SMART Goal looks like:

S – specific

M – measurable

A – assignable

R – realistic

T – time-related

So get your goals in front of you and really ask yourself – are they SMART? I’m guessing probably not.

But that’s okay, that’s what the Academy is all about. At each step we’re helping you up your game.

Take a look at this clip from my conversation with David Allen. It should give you a good idea of what effective action and goal setting can do for you.

David Allen On Getting Things Done

So before you’re allowed to the next level, I want to see THREE goals that are SMART.

I want to see numbers, time periods and I want you to show me how you’re gonna measure each step towards the final goal.

Take some time on this, it’s super-important to NAIL this, as it affects everything you do from here on in.

Leave your SMART Goals in the comments below, and if I’m happy with them I’ll be sending you the next step very soon.

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