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Step 2

Nice work on the Smell The Leather, I’m loving the enthusiasm!

The action doesn’t stop there, though, it’s time for your next step.

First off, I want you to watch this quick clip from the Webinar I did on How To Set Track & Achieve Your Goals.


Do you get the difference between a SMART goal and a goal that’s just a “great idea”?

The key ideas here are action and measurability. If you don’t break your goals down into actionable, time-related steps, then they’re not really goals, they’re just daydreams.

Here’s a quick reminder of what a SMART Goal looks like:

S – specific

M – measurable

A – assignable

R – realistic

T – time-related

So get your goals in front of you and really ask yourself – are they SMART? I’m guessing probably not.

But that’s okay, that’s what the Academy is all about. At each step we’re helping you up your game.

Take a look at Aaron Campbell’s post in the Academy Facebook Group, nailing his fitness SMART Goal!

So before you’re allowed to the next level, I want to see THREE goals that are SMART.

I want to see numbers, time periods and I want you to show me how you’re gonna measure each step towards the final goal.

Take some time on this, it’s super-important to NAIL this, as it affects everything you do from here on in.

Good luck, and send me your SMART Goals to hell@londonreal.tv

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