Step 2 – Meditation

I’m seeing some real progress here, so let’s keep up the good work.

We’re upping our game once AGAIN for this next step – meditation.

Take a quick look at this clip of fitness nomad and all-round bad ass Steve Maxwell talking about his own journey to meditation.

Get Started on Meditation

Pretty much every guest I talk to on London Real tells me meditation revolutionised their productivity.

Meditation for me is about joining your mind and heart together. You’re giving yourself time to allow your mind and heart to align.

If our mind and heart are not aligned, how can you be successful? How can you focus your energy towards your goals?

Take a look at this clip where I talk about my own practice.

How I Meditate

Okay, so before you can move on to the next step, I want you to leave me a picture below of you doing a three minute morning meditation practice.

This can be anywhere – at home, on the train to work, at the bus stop, doesn’t matter. I just want to see evidence you are taking action!

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