Step 1 – Smell The Leather

Step 1. called Smell The Leather.

Welcome to London Real Academy, we’re super-excited to have you on board!

We’re all about action here so let’s get down to it.

I want to see evidence that you are really committed to your goals, so there are some preliminary steps I want you to complete before you go any further.

Step 1. is called Smell The Leather.

Take a moment to watch this great clip from the interview with Dan Pena, the 50 Billion Dollar Man.

Smell The Leather

Pretty powerful stuff I am sure you’ll agree. The task I want you to complete is to design and carry out your OWN version of Smell The Leather.

In order to achieve success you have to programme your mind for success. You have to be able see it in your mind’s eye, smell it and taste it.

This is an essential first step towards achieving your goals, but it should also be FUN exercise. Get creative, use your imagination because that’s what is going to do the work for you here!

Here’s an example of musician James Black smelling the leather at London Albert Hall. His goal is to play there.

Check out Zolt Varga, also an Academy member, following Dan’s advice for word for word and test-driving his dream car.

Once you’re done share your photo on the London Real Academy Facebook Group and share your photo below. If I don’t get evidence of you taking action, I won’t let you onto the next step!

I can’t wait to see your Smell The Leather moment.

Welcome to the NEXT LEVEL!

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