Simon Sinek – Start With Why

Simon Sinek teaches leaders and organisations how to inspire people and is best known for popularising the concept of Why.

His talk on the subject became the second most watched talk of all time on and his first book Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action is a global best seller.

Enjoy the episode and let me know your why in the comments below!

Success Secrets

09:24 No roots.
10:13 Early career change, the common element he enjoyed, and what he doesn’t talk about.
12:56 First Ted Talk.
14:56 Simon’s journey of getting to his why.
21:31 Vision of a profoundly different world.
23:40 Value of concept of why to companies. Comparison of Costco and General Electric.
27:47 Decline of innovation in the world.
32:19 What were the opportunities from the 2009 first Ted Talk?
34:59 Has anything changed in the original golden circle concept of why, what and how. Is there a who?
37:03 A movement, not a business.
37:34 Law of diffusion of innovation – how has this statement morphed?
43:19 Understanding the power of knowing your why.
45:11 Working on diffusion without understanding concept of why, can lead to problems.
47:08 ‘Leaders Eat Last’, why that book and at that time?
51:56 Afghanistan and Simon’s moment of epiphany.
1:06:25 ‘Leaders Eat Last’ book born out of questioning where trust and cooperation come from.
1:08:34 The circle of safety. What does that mean?
1:10:29 Simons high regard for Navy SEAL teams and the role of trust within them.
1:17:22 What has been the response to the more mature and in depth second book?
1:18:28 Has Simon ever made mistakes in choosing the right company or person to work with?
1:19:29 Next steps in Simon’s journey.
1:22:03 Technology, a time bomb impact of modern life on millennials.
1:31:54 Is there a solution?
1:34:22 Leadership is now even more important.
1:36:26 Strategies families are using.
1:40:05 What is the most effective requirement for a speaker?
1:46:06 Simon’s biggest challenge.
1:48:50 Success secrets.
1:49:40 The Donald Trump phenomena.
1:52:53 Are our politicians a reflection of ourselves?
1:54:36 Phone call to the 20 year old Simon Sinek.
1:55:35 Best advice ever received.
1:56:43 Advice to those with lack of self-esteem.

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What about «what for?» is IT the same AS why?


The way Simon articulates is fantastic. He goes to a terrain where everyone can connect and resonate. I believe it is essential to find out what our area of resonance is so that the world could echo back!

Thanks a lot Brian for your thought provoking questions and sharing this.


An absolute much watch interview. Both the interview and Simon did a great work. Truly inspirational.


The info is really good man!


Simon is BRILLIANT… I love him ! I just discovered him today !! Already his FAN !!!

Such a great interview ! Simon is spot on about so many simple things people over complicate that eventually lead to a breakdown in any environment. It gave me closure after leaving a toxic work place and yes we all knew who the a$$hole was ! There wasn’t anything we could do save the situation, because there was a blame game being played and the environment became so toxic that nobody trusted each other. It was the complete opposite of team work and great leadership. It was a great experience because we all learnt and witnessed lessons in what not… Read more »
Fantastic interview, and I loved all the questions that were asked. My big critique is not with the interview itself, but towards the end of the video. Simon talks about the people who are there to give, as opposed to those who are there just to take, or gain something for themselves. These are the people Simon says that “make it about them”. They include their accomplishments, their emails, their websites, etc. in their presentations. The question was asked about any daily habits that Simon does that may help give him with his success, and JUST as he was about… Read more »

If I can inherit 2% of his outlook from this interview it was a 2 hour investment


Indeed. We have to invest in ourselves.That is one of the goals of London Real.
We take viewers on a journey through the lives of others so we can inspire them to embark on one of their own. ?

Alejandra Silva

“It’s the environment….”. That’s exactly what Dr. Bruce Lipton said. It’s the environment….That explains a lot a things. Thank you and greetings from Chile.


“What is my Why?” Great interview with Simon Sinek, to question your “Why”. Prioritize people in companies are more profitable. Building a healthy culture in companies is True Success for all. Innovation is Art of Creative Thinking.

Monique Vee

Brian is great, very friendly and respectful. Good business. Sinek is just outstanding – and everyone know this.

I find it extremely ironic (and disappointing) that you do EXACTLY what Simon points out at 1:41:41: “The problem is the number of people who show up to take, to get. And you can see it, it’s very plain to see. People ask a question, and they say “You’ll have to buy my book.” Or you can just give me the answer because you know the answer because you wrote the damn book. But clearly they’re trying to drive book sales, it’s a taking mentality. It’s a getting mentality.” “Every single slide of their powerpoint has their Instagram, their email,… Read more »

You can just watch it by clicking on exclusives-> success secrets, then under success secrets go one page to the right an then watch it

Valentin Scheiner

You are right that it seems hypocritical, but then it’s still 95% free content, i don’t really care about that little segment of the talk that i don’t get because i didn’t sign up. I think it’s just fair that if someone offers a lot of free content, he can have some premium-section for paying customers. No one keeps you from skipping the advertising parts. Couldn’t that even be seen as a “taking mentality” on your part? Why should YOU get everything for free?


He even bears a physical resemblance to Werner Erhard, whose est seminars training I took in the early 70s. Both began in the business world, both left it, both went on to be dynamic would-be change agents for the many. Godspeed.

Monique Vee

Are you that old ?


Wow, what an interview…
As a prior, Vietnam Era, vet/ Frankfurt 97th General, medical corp/medivac NCO, I can see he clearly gets it…


Incredible Man and incredible interview!
So much more to learn then in years of school. There is only one word for him and that is PURE! he just has such a pure heart and at the same time teaches others how to be!


WOW to be honest that was like a 2 hour long AMAZING interview! .What he said during the interview,some of the things kind of resonates with what I’am or what my life is.His Afghanistan experience BTW was really something and I couldn’t have gotten these valuable “values” if it wasn’t for this interview.Thanks LR for the free upload.God Bless


WOW … WOW the BEST and Simon definitely inspired me in a deep way … Thank You For Being You Simon and Keeping your wonderful super inspiring message to the world!!!

Michael A
Simen is real when words comefrom his mouth,I am very big into what love and believing in true love with such passion can do in this world we share,it truly opens doors for a person’s dreams to begin and true miracles to happen all around us love is a cure for so much we just take and destroy and not give a second look to relize what surrounds us every day are humanity and what we leave for are kids means a better life for there kids to come, you may not be arounf to experience with them,so experience your… Read more »

this guy is intense, in a good way!

Simon Sinek! Incredible human being