Simon Sinek – Start With Why

Simon Sinek teaches leaders and organisations how to inspire people and is best known for popularising the concept of Why.

His talk on the subject became the second most watched talk of all time on and his first book Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action is a global best seller.

Enjoy the episode and let me know your why in the comments below!

Success Secrets

09:24 No roots.
10:13 Early career change, the common element he enjoyed, and what he doesn’t talk about.
12:56 First Ted Talk.
14:56 Simon’s journey of getting to his why.
21:31 Vision of a profoundly different world.
23:40 Value of concept of why to companies. Comparison of Costco and General Electric.
27:47 Decline of innovation in the world.
32:19 What were the opportunities from the 2009 first Ted Talk?
34:59 Has anything changed in the original golden circle concept of why, what and how. Is there a who?
37:03 A movement, not a business.
37:34 Law of diffusion of innovation – how has this statement morphed?
43:19 Understanding the power of knowing your why.
45:11 Working on diffusion without understanding concept of why, can lead to problems.
47:08 ‘Leaders Eat Last’, why that book and at that time?
51:56 Afghanistan and Simon’s moment of epiphany.
1:06:25 ‘Leaders Eat Last’ book born out of questioning where trust and cooperation come from.
1:08:34 The circle of safety. What does that mean?
1:10:29 Simons high regard for Navy SEAL teams and the role of trust within them.
1:17:22 What has been the response to the more mature and in depth second book?
1:18:28 Has Simon ever made mistakes in choosing the right company or person to work with?
1:19:29 Next steps in Simon’s journey.
1:22:03 Technology, a time bomb impact of modern life on millennials.
1:31:54 Is there a solution?
1:34:22 Leadership is now even more important.
1:36:26 Strategies families are using.
1:40:05 What is the most effective requirement for a speaker?
1:46:06 Simon’s biggest challenge.
1:48:50 Success secrets.
1:49:40 The Donald Trump phenomena.
1:52:53 Are our politicians a reflection of ourselves?
1:54:36 Phone call to the 20 year old Simon Sinek.
1:55:35 Best advice ever received.
1:56:43 Advice to those with lack of self-esteem.