Ross Edgley – World’s Fittest Strongman

Ross’ book is called THE WORLD’S FITTEST BOOK and can be bought here:
United KingdomAustraliaUSACanadaNew Zealand, India.

00:00 Trailer.
03:44 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:47 Brian’s introduction.
06:52 Ross and his team addicted to watching Brian’s Ironman training.
08:58 Effect of simultaneously completely changing to a plant-based diet and taking on Ironman.
11:48 The mind games needed to get you to the end of a race,
22:05 Ross’ request to swim English Channel.
27:28 The plan was to swim 40km from Martinique to Saint Lucia.
42:25 Deep conversation as to why Ross, and others undertake extreme challenges.
50:09 The World’s Fittest Book is not a quick fix but a fitness bible for generations to come.
1:04:58 Instagram is the world of quick fix, not empowering people for informed life time practise.
1:08:01 What to learn and how to move on from defeat or failing a challenge.
1:21:47 What are Ross’ big goals in life, what will he look back on in ten years’ time?
1:25:10 How Ross chooses his challenges.
1:27:07 What is Ross’ super power.
1:29:39 Darkest and best days of his life.
1:32:41 What would we be surprised to learn about Ross?
1:35:08 What scares Ross.
1:38:29 Swimming as a form of meditation.
1:40:56 What keeps him awake at night.
1:41:52 Success secrets.
1:42:23 Instagram creates a community of supportive people.
1:45:23 Phone call to the 20-year old Ross Edgley.
1:46:54 Best advice ever received.
1:47:54 Phone call to the young person listening wanting to know about improving fitness.
1:50:02 Brian’s summing up.

Ross Edgley Links:
Ross Edgley website
Ross Edgley on Twitter
Ross Edgley on YouTube
Ross Edgley on Instagram
The Protein Works
Ross Edgley on London Real

Ross Edgley’s Book:
The World’s Fittest Book: How to Train for Anything and Everything, Anywhere and Everywhere

Topics discussed:
The Cro-Mags
English Channel
From St Lucia to Martinique
Derwent Water
Loughborough University
Brunel University
Royal Marines
San Bushmen
Yaminawá Tribe

People mentioned in this episode:
John Joseph
David Goggins
Emil Zátopek
Michael Phelps
Keri-anne Payne
David Carry
Usain Bolt
Lucy Charles
Sam Oldham
Dorian Yates
Gary Vaynerchuk
Elliott Hulse
Wim Hof
Ido Portal
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Yuri V Verkhoshansky
Mel Siff
Chris McDougall
George Orwell
Niccolò Machiavelli
Linford Christie
Jamie Alderton
Tim Ferriss
Joe Rogan
Dan Peña
Roger Bannister
James Appleton
Timothy Shieff
Kíilian Jornet Burgada
Joe de Sena
Dean Karnazes

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pani pan

hi i need subtitle . in youtube the subtitles generate automate

James Williams

I imagine its a great show but if it won’t play after reducing the quality whats the point? Great content from previous shows however if this is the way the London Real is developing, I’m sorry but I just cant devote that amount of time.

This was my favorite podcast out of all of them. Definitely going to buy “The World’s Fittest Book” .


Is anyone else having problems with this app? The vid stops every 5 min for me


Ross is an absolute legend and an inspiration! I can’t wait to get my hands on the book. Love the content on this channel, so keep it coming 🙂


Great interview could put subtitles English would help a lot better understand better


BTW, really itching to dive into the book.. Pre-ordered and waiting with great anticipation 😉


As with most of the interviews I’ve watched so far on London Real, absolutely inspirational. So many gems in there.
Great guest and conversation.. Had me smiling and uplifted throughout. Thanks Brian, for opening up the doors to access this material.