Ross Edgley – Athlete Adventurer

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09:06 Becoming a great self-promotor.
10:53 Getting the messages out that fat loss is very different to weight loss and about weight cutting.
17:25 Selfie culture – Aesthetics such as looking good and functional aesthetics.
22:40 Running a marathon pulling a car.
32:43 Don’t wait for the media to cover your activities, do it yourself.
34:16 Climbing a rope for the height of Everest.
38:00 What drives Ross Edgley to finish a race?
40:12 What is Ross’ future strength and stamina ultimate challenge?
42:15 Shark Wrestling.
46:00 Fitness philosophy – how does Ross explain who he is?
52:04 Thoughts on Conor McGregor v Nate Diaz fight.
1:02:01 Do people know what they are doing in the gym?
1:07:40 Steroids use.
1:18:41 Six pack abs are made in the kitchen.
1:19:38 Ross’ view on the questions raised by the Maria Sharapova issue.
1:23:15 Public awakening to being sold the body physique dream.
1:25:14 Surprisingly what Ross likes to do in his spare time.
1:26:18 Ross’ training regime.
1:27:45 Smelling salts? Really?
1:29:26 Squats and bench lifts.
1:32:34 Success Secrets.
1:33:33 Power of stunts to stand out in the crowd.
1:34:20 Advice to the 20 year old Ross.
1:36:51 Ayahuasca experience.
1:45:04 Advice to wannabe fitness trainers.

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Comes across well nice show


Awesome interview. Ross also strikes me as a really pleasant person. Really inspirational!

Patrick Nickol
Patrick Nickol

Wth? Watched on youtube and coming over here and can’t forward the video? Anyone else having that problem?


Does anyone know what the beats are that Brian uses for the videos and if so can you share? looking forward to another uplifting awesome video!!

Gabriel González

Is the volume low?

Jordan Whitby


Mirko Perovšek

Let’s find out lol 😀

Lisa May
Lisa May

Brian’s face where he says [about the sharks biting you], “If that you happen’s you roll with it. Okay.” Effin hilarious~