Ross Edgley – Athlete Adventurer

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09:06 Becoming a great self-promotor.
10:53 Getting the messages out that fat loss is very different to weight loss and about weight cutting.
17:25 Selfie culture – Aesthetics such as looking good and functional aesthetics.
22:40 Running a marathon pulling a car.
32:43 Don’t wait for the media to cover your activities, do it yourself.
34:16 Climbing a rope for the height of Everest.
38:00 What drives Ross Edgley to finish a race?
40:12 What is Ross’ future strength and stamina ultimate challenge?
42:15 Shark Wrestling.
46:00 Fitness philosophy – how does Ross explain who he is?
52:04 Thoughts on Conor McGregor v Nate Diaz fight.
1:02:01 Do people know what they are doing in the gym?
1:07:40 Steroids use.
1:18:41 Six pack abs are made in the kitchen.
1:19:38 Ross’ view on the questions raised by the Maria Sharapova issue.
1:23:15 Public awakening to being sold the body physique dream.
1:25:14 Surprisingly what Ross likes to do in his spare time.
1:26:18 Ross’ training regime.
1:27:45 Smelling salts? Really?
1:29:26 Squats and bench lifts.
1:32:34 Success Secrets.
1:33:33 Power of stunts to stand out in the crowd.
1:34:20 Advice to the 20 year old Ross.
1:36:51 Ayahuasca experience.
1:45:04 Advice to wannabe fitness trainers.

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