Rose McGowan – Be Brave

Rose McGowan is an activist, author and director.

After an acting career in Hollywood that spanned two decades, she went public with allegations of abuse against Harvey Weinstein.

This became central in exposing systemic harassment in the entertainment industry, that shook the world and led to the #MeToo movement.

Her book BRAVE chronicles her journey from childhood to Hollywood, and her mission to reclaim her life, and encourage people to question the power structures around them.


00:00 Trailer.

03:16 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.

06:16 Brian’s introduction.

06:44 The reception Rose has received in England.

08:40 What the autobiography of Malcolm X taught Rose.

10:56 Sometimes anger gets things done.

11:27 Rose likes to question the system, advocating people question their own reasons for doing something.

12:25 How the rather unique childhood growing up in a cult community affected Rose.

15:24 Moving from one cult to the cult of America where she didn’t fit in with the status quo,

18:01 Going to Hollywood, yet another cult place, starring in a film at 17.

21:19 The male dominated patriarchy of the Hollywood film industry needs to be challenged.

25:59 Writing her book, Rose suffered again recalling her childhood when she wanted to kill her father.

33:07 How Donald Trump helped Rose to include in the book her rape by Harvey Weinstein.

33:17 Her weird love for Donald Trump.

37:56 Until now neither she, nor society, would have been ready for her book.

38:25 Who placed a million-dollar bounty on her book?

43:15 The New York Times knew, everyone knew, but nobody was willing to go on the record.

44;33 What her life was like when ‘Brave’ was published amid a media backlash.

49:31 How its effect spread to all the different power structures.

50:45 Rose has been changed by the whole experience.

52:56 How Rose became synonymous with #Me Too which was started by Tarana Burke.

59:04 Her view on political correctness.

1:02:55 Rose would like to sit down with people who have been accused, for a nuanced conversation.

1:05:04 Is there a statute of limitations or can all this be seen to be just part of an age.

1:05:55 Does she need to see some resolution for Harvey Weinstein?

1:06:39 How Rose has dealt with her emotions following the rape.

1:08:56 There is the fight or flight reflex, but the freeze is big.

1:10:56 What men in the street say to her now and what they think of their fellow man.

1:13:32 The evolution of Malcolm X which ultimately killed him.

1:15:55 What Rose is going to do now, perhaps politics in the future.

1:18:22 Rose’s daily practice.

1:19:26 What is Rose’s super power.

1:19:59 Worst and best days of her life.

1:20:41 What scares her.

1:21:03 What we would be surprised to learn about Rose McGowan.

1:21:31 What keeps her awake at night.

1:21:50 Advice to the 20 years old Rose McGowan.

1:23:10 Best advice ever received.

1:23:26 Success secrets.

1:24:24 Brian’s summing up.

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Such an amazing person, need more of these


Im a fan. But i don’t agree with everything she says. I think it would be hard to join the Republican party and have a message of anti nationalism. In fact she seems a little put off by the American experience all together. I wish her well though.


Great work Brian. 10/10.


Rose is the kind of human being that I want to surround myself with! A REAL person who sees the world for what it is. I still have some de programming and healing left to do for myself and London Real is a new tool in my toolbox to help fix that! Thank you.


She’s so true. We women are thought to be “nice” and “pleasant”. It’s so much that we allow against our will or inner beliefs. Fighting against what’s “normal” took a lot of courage.


I love Rose, I haven’t had a me too moment myself, but people around me have. I think its just amazing she took on this monster, and army of supporters, but she is winning against them, and her army is growing every day, to stand for whats right!!!