Rory Sutherland – Success Secrets

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John Orban

So now that you have grabbed all my Facebook data you want me to pay to watch the rest of the video? GIVE ME MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT BACK!

John Robinson
Success Habits: (daily routine) Deliberate variance… Choose something else to mindless routine; anti-fragilise. Don’t over-optimise; can leave you open to systemic failure. If you don’t sub-optimise, you never get lucky. Sometimes, Do it anyway… Just because. If you want to go to great events, then do lots of events. Being too selective means you don’t get the really good invitations. The BIG breaks probably came from things you were doing that you didn’t have to! (i.e. having fun?) The LUCKY things sit on the edge (boundary effects?) Build in a certain amount of randomness to capture the freak upside from… Read more »
Marie-Judith Jean-Louis

I learned a new term : ” Memetic desire”. Also, the non-routine and avoiding over optimizing makes a lot of sense to me. I don’t feel so bad not sticking to a strict routine, mind you it still needs some work :p Thank you!

Chuck Parker

Absolutely agree about preparation for change. Routine is a killer – but we all unwittingly seek it. But just consider that perspective: step out to watch and look for change. I love what Edward de Bono says in regard to these matters: “It’s excellent, but not enough…”

David Roman

I love what Rory said about people who are really good in 2 fields, really resonate with that

Wiktor Kulik

A lot in my life came out of doing the things no one expected me to.


Hmmm… I’m not sure that I would call it luck. But, I would have to agree that throwing yourself out into the world will bring about opportunities that you wouldn’t get just by following a process. I have had a lot more success lately finding prospects by wandering into random networking events than I have following a cold prospecting process.

Aman K

Become convex to luck/randomness.