Rory Sutherland – Alchemy

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Is Rory on drug?? He made this video so hard to watch, his sway away the topic with random example that is not making any point

Craig Bevan

I am still working my way through this, this is an information rich interview.
Perhaps the great technological breakthrough Rory Sutherland is waiting for, is Rory Sutherland.
I have never heard the Complex Theory as applied to human perception and behaviour explained so well.

He constantly reinforces ideas with common example.
Suggesting good solutions based on how the human mind actually works,
rather than bad solutions based on where two lines cross on a graph.

The “unsellable” £ 2000 Tesco handbag and the rogue millionaire speed cameras, for example.

Definitely getting the book.

Thank you again,Brian and the Team, for another fantastic interview.

Craig Bevan

I meant Complexity Theory


Brilliant mind, but difficult to follow because he shifts to many subjects at once without barely making the point in the first place. Brian battled this trying to bring him back to the original question and many times he could not. Great effort there. Wish I could have learned more, maybe I’ll buy his book if, and only ig he is bot all over the place.