Dr Robin Carhart-Harris

Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, the psychologist, neuroscientist and Head of the Psychedelic Research Centre at Imperial College London.

Yours is the world’s first organisation dedicated to the research of mind-altering substances and focuses on three key areas of study: mental health, social science and neuroscience.

He was the first in the world to investigate the effects of LSD using modern brain imaging, and the first to study psilocybin – the active compound in magic mushrooms – for treating severe depression.

00:00 Trailer.

02:38 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.

03:45 Brian’s introduction.

04:31 Developments in his field of research over last 6 years.

08:08 Why it was Robin’s dream to carry out research into the effect of psychedelics on the brain.

11:27 Difficulty in shifting medical and scientific mindset.

12:58 The scientist’s need to maintain an objective and neutral perspective in their work.

19:39 His answer to the question “so what do you do?”

22:38 The history of government and public perception of psychedelics,

29:59 What effect psychedelics have on the brain.

50:15 If we understood the mind we understand life.

54:03 Pivotal moment between controlled or uncontrolled use of psychedelics can be curative or adversely.

1:01:07 The line between scientific proof and belief in curative effect,

1:06:03 Integration after a psychedelic experience.

1:11:56 Robin’s thoughts on why there is currently an increase in the taking of psychedelics.

1:18:25 What the psychedelic acceptance and landscape may be in 100 years.

1:29:10 Psychedelic use thousands of years ago.

1:31:05 The connection with nature and a psychedelic experience.

1:37:39 Robin’s view on the current world of political divide and society’s future.

1:40:19 What excites him about the next two years of his work in a field which has been frustrated until now

1:45:44 Research into synthetic psychedelics.

1:53:07 Would everyone benefit from a psychedelic experience?

1:53:30 Experiments with DMT and our symbiotic relationship with nature.

2:03:27 Robin’s daily practice.

2:05:15 What is Robin’s superpower.

2:07:56 The best and worst days of his life.

2:10:11 What scares him.

2:11:14 What happens after death.

2:15:38 What we would be surprised to learn about Robin.

2:15:52 What keeps him awake at night.

2:17:21 Advice to the 21 years old Robin

2:18:02 Success secrets.

2:18:44 Brian’s summing up.

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Mr. Rose! Check out Andres Gomez Emilsson’s work at the Qualia Research Institute.https://qualiacomputing.com/2017/05/28/eli5-the-hyperbolic-geometry-of-dmt-experiences/


The Earth is observably flat. It does not curve. Robin is deceived. Keep searching for the truth with your own consciousness. These ‘scientists’ are as deceived as only their consciousness allows.

Elena Podrezo

As a Tantra bodywork practitioner, I take my clients into intentional deep trans states. In my practice, I see people experience very similar outcomes on their health, wellbeing, spiritual growth without the use of outside medicines/substances, plus it is sustainable. Over a series of sessions, the nervous system rewires itself.


Back in the 80’s I wanted to put tea in the water supply for WA, DC. (Reagan era) I see it as a truth serum, everything is so clear. My partner and I grew them from 81/85, and took them about every 2 months. He was an engineer for Lockheed and I was an account tech for the Navy. We had our ritual and Mystic Moods was our music. No vocals. Your idea of an organization for people with psychedelic experience is a very timely idea. . Our world is changing and we are moving/living in a different frequency; we… Read more »


“Is it all in the brain, or is there a “door” to metaphysic dimensions?” This is a difficult one…
Thanks very much for this insightful and inspiring Interview. I loved it!
Now I have a clue why you are stuck with the dissolution movie. To much influence of not experiences perple…
Maybe you will do it nevertheless…?


The subject of mind creating reality or imagination creating experience is not all connected to these kinds of drugs, This idea of treating depression with LSD makes me so angry, I took shit loads of acid when I was young. I think it is entirely irresponsible to encourage in any way people who are experiencing mental suffering to take these substances. You may want to feel out of your mind all day while getting some grant to further mind control and counter culture’s deception but I don’t think it really is helpful. I don’t think you have any real compassion… Read more »