Rich Roll – How To Live An Ultra Life

Rich Roll is an the American author, public speaker, plant-based nutrition advocate, and vegan ultra-endurance athlete, who Men’s Health named as one of the “25 Fittest Men in the World” .

He is a former entertainment attorney who transformed into a top finisher in the Ultraman, a 3-day / 320 mile, double-ironman distance triathlon, and later raced the EPIC5 – 5 Ironmans on 5 Hawaiian Islands in just about 5 days.

He is the host of his wildly popular Rich Roll Podcast, and his bestselling memoir Finding Ultra tells his inspirational story of addiction, redemption and optimal health.

00:00 Trailer.
03:49 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
06:04 Brian’s introduction.
06:54 Shoreditch, London vibe and British engagement in ultra-running.
08:29 Rich’s early life and ultra-race challenge resonated with Brian, both of them friends of John Joseph.
12:30 Life for Rich aged 39.
23:48 What it was like to be in rehab.
26:51 What those close to an alcoholic should perhaps say to them.
30:40 How Rich made the tentative steps out of rehab to rebuild a new life and maintain it.
36:55 Those moments in time when, if we have enough awareness, hold the power to transform our lives.
41:04 The strategies Rich employed.
43:08 Embarking on a different detox and the resulting revelation.
45:44 Tribute to the crucial support of his wife and the profound relationship insight he has had.
51:26 How Rich initially deceived himself into thinking he was eating healthily.
57:43 Running and running, getting in a flow state, broadening his horizons.
1:01:02 Why, upon deciding to compete, he went straight into the ultra-challenges.
1:10:19 What training for this level of fitness and endurance teaches you about yourself.
1:13:12 What it was like participating in Ultraman 2008.
1:15:00 Ultraman 2009.
1:21:55 We all have these reservoirs of potential: Inspirational words from Rich.
1:22:55 Epic5 challenge gave Rich a different perspective on the human experience and capability in general
1:35:20 What it was like becoming the poster boy after writing Finding Ultra.
1:41:02 Having achieved so much, came years in the wilderness.
1:46 34 What was the guiding spirit that kept him going.
1:48:56 Why Rich decided to stop competing regularly and how his new concern proved more challenging.
1:52:51 What he is doing now and how it might develop.
1:54:57 How his podcast has changed him.
1:57:13 A plant-based diet and the vegan movement: his approach to being part of it.
2:03:48 Rich is wary of using plant-based medicines himself.
2:07:22 What scares Rich.
2:08:31 Worst and best day of his life.
2:11:43 What keeps him awake at night.
2:13:58 Phone call to the 20-year old Rich.
2:16:00 Success secrets.
2:16:56 Advice to the young person watching, who is addicted to something and they don’t know what to do.
2:20:50 Brian’s summing up.

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inspiring from both.


This was one of the best interviewers you had! His openness about his highs and lows, overcoming his addiction and most important teaching about not to be ashamed of ourselfs and our problems. Thanks Brian Rose (beautiful tears man) and Rich Roll! May the Creator bless you both.


Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride still would love her sitting in this chair brian. About Vegan-Meat question


This interview has changed my life. Thank you Rich Roll, Thank you Brian Rose!


First time i heard about Rich Roll was on London Real with John Joseph. (John is a great and inspiring human being himself who i also discovered at London Real.) I listened to several episodes of Rich Roll podcast with John, which made me want to check this London Real episode with Rich as well. Although, the stories about the Ultra Life are inspiring in their own right, one thing that hit me the most this time was his line; “easy to over identify yourself with it.” It hit me. It made me wonder, where do i over identify myself… Read more »


Rich is so rad! Thanks for the video.


Love this one!!! Thank you so much


You guys should update your Audio section for the podcast because a lot of us listen to this on the road. I love the video don’t get me wrong there should be an option to download the video if you guys are going to take time uploading the audio. Love this podcast. Constructive crtiticisim. Thank you


Thank you Brian and Rich, a truly wonderful and inspiring interview and ¨REAL¨ very real, one of the best I have watched and I was glued for the entire 2.25 minutes, wise practical and inspiring words for anyone truly serious about living an empowered healthy and happy life, thank you guys!


Great episode. Timely tidbits.

Some fantastic take aways from this interview. Without a doubt Rich is an exceptional athlete but hearing about the financial struggles and the courage to stay upon a “Jedi Path” and being more than your “Credit score” is just as inspiring.