Remi Warren – Hunting Is Human

Remi Warren is the American hunter, outdoor guide, television presenter and writer.He is one of the world’s foremost hunting advocates, spending an average of 300 days a year in the wild.

He has survived everything from bear attacks to being struck by lightning.He has hosted multiple shows on television including Solo Hunters, Meat Eater and Apex Predator; educating people about where our food comes from, and how hunting contributes to wildlife conservation.

00:00 Trailer.

02:14 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.

04:02 Brian’s introduction.

04:34 First visit to London which differs from his usual habitat.

06:53 The history of hunting in the UK.

10:04 Why, for some, hunting seems a natural human instinct.

22:11 Whatever food one participates in growing, harvesting, hunting or killing adds an appreciative dimension.

22:58 Does Remi still experience the sadness his wife felt when she pulled the trigger for the first tie?

25:31 The terminology surrounding the act of taking an animal’s life.

33:10 Hunting is the reason these animals are able to survive loss of habitat causes extinction.

40:10 Remi’s opinion of trophy hunters.

46:30 His most memorable hunt.

52:27 What he means by, to be hunting hard.

53:51 Remi enjoyed making the Apex Predator project.

1:00:42 What it was like to see a Wolf kill an Elk.

1:02:29 If in nature animals are going to die sometime anyway, does that justify hunting them.

1:03:12 What can city folk do if they don’t want to be supermarket cowboys, or plant eaters.

1:08:44 Vegans have to be honest with themselves in that they are causing the killing of animals.

1:10:11 What Remi thinks of the plant-based movement.

1:11:35 Diet is why meat from a wild animal differs from farm reared meat.

1:14:24 Encounters with bears.

1:33:43 What Brian should consider if he decides to participate in a hunt.

1:40:31 Remi thinks there is a lot to consider before making a judgement on hunting in Africa.

1:49:04 How politics affect wild places including global warming and therefore wild animals.

1:53:31 What in ten years-time he would like to look back on with pride.

1:55:21 Should everyone go hunting once?

1:56:36 What his friends would say makes Remi a good hunter.

1:57.39 Does his wife support his prolonged absences in the wild.

1:58:24 Dramatic best and worst day of his life.

2:12:42 Learning to trust our instincts.

2:16:13 Phone call to the twenty years old Remi Warren

2:17:30 Best advice he ever received.

2:19:15 Success secrets.

2:19:51 Brian’s summing up.

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Brains face at 2:07:32 is exactly how i looked when listening to this story lol


I have many friends who are hunters, I am not against them. But physiologically, humans are not designed to eat meat, either as omnivores or carnivores, we are neither, though we can survive on it. Our gut is too long, our teeth and “claws” are not designed for it, it’s not ideal nutrition for us. However, there is something more important. To kill and eat animals requires we turn off compassion, which blocks the growth of consciousness that is a prime reason we are here in the first place. If we did not turn off the natural compassion, we could… Read more »


So much bullshit to justify killing. You want to keep the numbers of abimals right- protect them without killing. We did hubt for ages ? – well we raped and raided others for ages, shall we do it ? Istinct to kill, be predator, kill becaise other animals kill ? – you are human with consciousness and you have a choice, animals dont have a choice. You dont kill a deer traped in a fence vecause it is not fair, wtf ? – you have a gun. you want it to be fair, go bare hand and hunt. You hunter… Read more »


Lots of ignorant comments about hunters by folks whom I can almost guarantee have never hunted nor at the minimum done any research about hunting. I have hunted but I’m not a hunter, it’s not my activity. However, many people fail to realize that licensed hunters maintain the balance between the animals and the environment. Hunters help prevent a species overpopulation in so that the environment is sustainable for that species and humans. Don’t believe me come see what wild boars do in Texas when unabated. They destroy the environment for themselves, other species, humans and the plants and livestock… Read more »


This didn’t change my mind at all. Hunters LOVE hunting – that is why they do it. The kill gives them a thrill. Period. I know several who teach their children to do it, so that those kids are able to kill without conscience. I am not talking about raising animals to be butchered for food, but developing an instinct to stalk and kill a defenseless being, when it is not necessary to do so. The human ancestors who killed animals did so to survive – and they didn’t have high power guns. They also didn’t make trophies out of… Read more »


sorry bro, but when you said you’re gonna “explore” hunting next year … sigh. A lot pf people don’t get true evolution. Conscious evolution. In all your glory and sophistication – you seem to be one of them. If that offends you, explore your soul beyond your ego. Hunters justify their current actions by looking into the past and how “we have done it for thousands of years” You can see the Adrenalin addiction in his eyes. Fascinated, obsessed with his power to take that life he chooses to take. Up to him. Hunting for food, killing animals for food,… Read more »


I think, this is not the kind of hunter, ppl are against. Cool dude, does it the right respectful way…all totally fine. Ppl hate the tourist hunters, rich guys who pay any amount, so they can kill a lion, elephant, gorilla etc….whatever they want to kill. And these animals, or better, victims are driven in front of their rifle….only thing they have to do is pull the trigger in the right time…done. Others do the cleaning the animal etc…..Mr. or Mrs. rich tourist gets the prepared and cleaned trophy, ready for putting on the wall or in the corner of… Read more »