REGRETS – Dan Peña | Live At The Ritz

The only regret we have when our time comes are the risks we didn’t take! How many times have you said — If I had only done it, I should have! What if I did take the risk?

Dan Pena LIVE At The Ritz – Part 1 of 3

Dan Pena LIVE At The Ritz – Part 2 of 3

Dan Pena LIVE At The Ritz – Part 3 of 3

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Ebong Eka

This is classic Pena….hilarious. I would love him as a mentor…not as a friend. Either way, he will take you to another level of greatness!

Peter McSweeney

I enjoy Dan and take what is good for me to stomach. I always remember that ‘if someone/thing annoys me’ or ‘I think someone is a dick irrational’ it is usually because they are a) telling me a truth I don’t want to hear b) their shortcomings are defaults I share. I’ve known guys like Dan (old school) and some could go toe to toe with Dan. The one’s that really could, would not even need to make that claim. They are quietly impressive. However, they are great long as we don’t start engaging and digesting them as a friend.… Read more »

Stephen Tackett

His generation fought wars …and won. Now I understand why. We are a bunch a whinny pussies and need a good kick in the dick to wake us the F— up.

Dani Weiss

Dan PANA is like my ex boyfriend!! I HATE HIM BUT ILOVE HIM!! DAMN YOU DAN PANA WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME! thank you brian for bring him to my life

Dimas Pino

Yes, I know Mr. Pena is not politically correct, but you know what? He is fucking powerful and truthful. “Those who follow the truth need no rules”.

Phil Smy

Well, this is enough to turn me off Dan Pena for life. He’s a dick.


I get what Dan is saying about the army and the affect it had on him. But I respectfully but firmly disagree with him on this point. He is implicitly promoting more warfare between countries (what’s the point of having an army if you can’t use all your wiz bang shit to blow the fuck out of other humans – and many other sentient beings in the crossfire). Maintaining armies is a huge waste of money which could be spent on what Bucky Fuller called “livingry” – i.e. housing, education, beneficial technology, stuff that can benefit the whole species equally.… Read more »


Well, fuck.

Marie-Judith Jean-Louis

WOW! “Live full, die empty”. The first time I heard this was from listening to a story from Les Brown about the importance of essentially with no regrets and it brought me to tears. Dan’s story really brings it home. I must say ever since I watched his first interview, I started to take a little more chance in the things I do and every so often, just imagining what would he say about whatever situation I’m facing, generally put a little fire in me to keep going and kill excuses. Thank you for these videos!


That was intense! The question he posed at the end was definitely brutal but necessary. Looks like eliminating my regrets will be a good place to start. Thank you Brian for giving me the opportunity to experience what went down during the Live event with Dan Pena


There was a time when “no regrets” was a cool thing to live by. People ended up justifying their actions or lack of actions with excuses and lowered standards. Dan is right! Just do it when we are alive not dead.


You are absolutely right, I was one of those who are gulity of it. I hated bargaining with myself but i kept going for it was ‘cool’ to be the no regrets guy. As Peter Sage said, i was swimming in GOOP (Good Opinion Of Other People). Instead of channeling all my energy towards excuses for myself and to care what other people think of me, i should have chanelled it towards doing the ACTUAL thing which i regretted.


That Cihnese kid had decided to become an Alpha Male Role Model for his next generation.

Brian Mustard

One of the first nightly exercises/homework Dan had us do at the Castle, was to write our own eulogy. Writing this for myself was interesting, as it started of fairly humble, which covered; surviving family members and loved one that I was able to touch in my life…and then went from humble to cheeky “pie in the sky” achievements, and then on to all out Bodacious-ness in a culmination of all my hopes, dreams, goals at a 100x multiple…all rolled into a one page document. (note: if you want to try this, I’d suggest doing a hot pen technique where… Read more »


That is a fascinating idea. I will set myself to do it. Thank you for sharing!

Jure Šutar

There is a book called ”Top 5 regrets of dying”. Bronnie Ware spent many years questioning the dying about any regrets they had or anything they would do differently. Bronnie found out that common themes surfaced again and again. There were a lot of regrets connected with relationships, expressing the feeling etc. But there was one that stood out above them all. The most common regret was this: I wish I’d had the courage to live life true to myself not the life others expected of me. Dan is talking about the exact same thing! Really amazing speech and huge… Read more »


Awesome! Thanks for sharing about the book.

Alexander Ball

This was the most powerful story of the day for me.