Philip McKernan – One Last Talk

Philip McKernan is an inspirational speaker, author & filmmaker.

He works with entrepreneurs and business leaders all over the World, to help them seek clarity about their future, and move through mental roadblocks.

His new book one last talk “why your truth matters and how to speak it”, was developed through his speaker series, and takes people on a journey to discover their truth, and speak it out loud.

00:00 Trailer.
02:46 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:26 Brian’s introduction.
05:53 Why Philip has written his book One Last Talk.
11:46 What One Last Talk means.
13:00 Why everyone should give one last talk and the guidelines for making it.
18:08 Wayne Rooney could get people to love him rather than idolise him.
22:19 How giving one last talk differs from giving a Ted Talk.
24:35 Philip’s advice to those who have a bad reaction whilst reading this book.
26:06 What his One Last Talk events are like.
28:32 People avoid situations where they may have to open-up and face the pain.
30:57 The major lifetime regrets people go to their deathbeds with.
35:03 Connecting with ourselves and with others.
49:18 What Philip has observed in his work with couples.
57:43 Philip’s comments on using psychedelics or plant medicine to learn more about oneself.
1:00:17 Parental relationships with children and connecting with them.
1:12:53 Philip talks about people’s relationship with money
1:24:44 Our relationships with relationships affect our relationships.
1:32:43 The prospect Philip would like everyone to think about their response to.
1:37:43 How Philip maintains the energy he has for diverse projects.
1:38:55 Why he has set himself a huge target number for copies sold of his book.
1:44:04 Philip’s daily practices.
1:45:24 Philip’s super power.
1:48:01 Worst and best days of his life.
1:52:35 What scares Philip.
1:55:35 What we would be surprised to learn about him.
1:57:02 What keeps him awake at night,
1:58:53 Phone call to the 20 years old Philip McKernan
2:01:31 Best advice he ever received.
2:02:35 Success secrets.
2:03:59 Does Philip believe, as many others do, that we are here to give back to humanity.
2:08:21 Brian’s summing up.

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One of the best conversation with some much truth and clear questions. Thank you and hope to see more of Philip.


Philip draws you in, which in turn, draws you out! A powerful and self impacting interview. Thank you.


Man… That was so hard to watch. I’m going to be honest, I have perverted thoughts that I spend my whole life hiding, but it’s not working, they’re always there and I think they’re part of me. I will begin to deal with my darkness in a different way now. Thank you very much.

sonam bligh

These cats really motivate me. HNY London Real.