Philip McKernan – Success Secrets

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Jeremy Thompson Jewitt

This has gone straight into my top 5 London Real episodes of all times, Phill presented some heart felt insight and lots of very honest moments ..

Jiri Kaderabek

Wow….That is my type of person….This is why I love London Real introducing us to so many different quests and all with their unique take on life and we the Realers can cherry pick the one that speaks to our hearts and this particular space in time and learn from their journey…..Never heard of Phil before now I am almost certain I will be turning up at his retreat in the future …..thanks Brian and the LR gang for the introduction.

Arwa Stone

Awesome! I love it when he said that he doesn’t have enough compassion for himself. Definitely strikes a cord.

Archie Ology

these success secrets are amazing! Too bad there aren’t more!